Hotelympia 2018: Winterhalter launches new Connected Wash warewashers

Latest passthroughs and utensil washers on show; plus new MT high volume systems

Stand 1320, Hotelympia, London ExCel, March 5-8 2018

However big or small the warewashing problem, Winterhalter will have a new, more efficient model to tackle it at Hotelympia 2018.  The warewashing specialist launches new passthrough hood machines, new utensil washers and new high volume conveyor washer systems.  Plus, the recently launched UC undercounter range, with its water-saving hybrid integral RO system, will be on parade.  Stand 1320 also features Winterhalter’s latest range of cleaning chemicals, including menu-specific formulas to tackle problems associated with, for example, protein, tannin or starch.  

The biggest buzz is going to be around Winterhalter’s brand new machines.  The key feature on the new PT and UF models is connectivity, using Winterhalter’s Connected Wash technology.  It allows each machine to be monitored from anywhere in the world, using an app or portal on a computer, tablet or smartphone.  It can bring a new level of efficiency to the operation, for example by highlighting good or bad practices, issuing alerts if the machine is not operating correctly and offering advice on cost savings.

Connected Wash can also help deliver a 100% first-time-fix rate in the event of breakdown, since the data it provides will enable the engineer to bring the right equipment to do the job.  In fact, the data can warn of a potential component failure before it happens, so the engineer can fix or replace it before it breaks down!

Another feature likely to cause a stir is the new PT’s enhanced energy management system.  This minimises energy use while, at the same time, focusing power where it’s needed – for example, to ensure water is always hot in the wash tank.  This means it can operate faster, with minimal waiting time between washes.

Winterhalter’s latest MT machines have a rinse system that reduces water consumption by 15 to 20%.  They also have a new heat pump option, which uses Winterhalter’s award-winning ClimatePlus technology.  It is so efficient at trapping hot air and vapour, and recycling it to heat the cold water supply, that it not only reduces energy consumption, but also pumps cool, dry air into the wash area, improving the working environment.

Winterhalter’s range of chemicals is designed specifically to deliver best results – not only in terms of warewashing, but also throughout the kitchen.  For example, one of the products on show is A81 BLUe, for the treatment of FOG (fats, oil and grease).  This is a safe, long-lasting and extremely efficient enzyme-based drain maintainer.  It uses a blend of non-toxic, natural microbes to clear drains of FOG and other accumulated organic matter – and has a simple, automatic dosing system.