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20-10E: a space-saving combi

FEM’s Alto-Shaam CT PROformance combi oven reaches new standards of cooking performance and customisability

Alto-Shaam 20 10E combi steamerCombi ovens combine multiple cooking functions into a single appliance, providing operators with a vast amount of options in one piece of equipment. Now FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) can supply the Alto-Shaam CTP20-10E PROformance Combitherm oven, a roll-in cabinet model that provides high volume production in a space-saving footprint. It is compatible with the Alto-Shaam integrated rack management system, making it ideal for both on-demand cooking and cook/chill/retherm banqueting. (More…)

Samsung’s ‘double-bubble’ laundry: a cleaner wash, using less energy

Professional Range is ideal for sites needing to launder bulky loads

Samsung's 'double-bubble' laundry - a cleaner wash using less energyFor B&Bs, care homes, sports clubs, schools and smaller hotels, laundry can be a big problem. Domestic washing machines can’t cope, commercial ones are too big and expensive, and outsourcing can be pricey and difficult to manage. That’s why Samsung developed the Professional Laundry range. It’s big enough to deal with awkward loads like king size duvets or the team’s muddy away kit, but small enough to fit in the utility room. It also has a sanitize programme that meets CQC standards.

The Samsung Professional Laundry washer, model WF431, has a 14kg capacity. Although it retails at up to 60% less than competitors’ models, it is packed with clever energy-saving and performance-enhancing technologies. In addition it is backed by a comprehensive two-year parts and labour warranty.


Adaptable refrigeration docks at Mondrian London at Sea Containers

Williams’ equipment at iconic London hotel includes fire retardant coldrooms

Williams adaptable refrigeration docks at Mondrian London at Sea ContainersIn the heart of the Southbank, Mondrian London at Sea Containers is set to become one of the capital’s iconic hotels.  A Transatlantic fusion of English and American aesthetics, it is inspired by the glory days of 1920s ocean liners – a theme that runs from the lobby’s giant, copper-clad wall, shaped like a hull, to the first-class menu served in the brasserie-style restaurant, Sea Containers.

In such a setting, quality is paramount.  Sea Containers is open from 6am to midnight and serves up to 700 covers every day.  “Catering equipment gets a pounding, it has to be very hard wearing,” says Executive Chef Luke Rayment.  Given the restaurant’s open kitchen, it also has to look good.  When it came to refrigeration, Sea Containers chose Williams.  (More…)

How’s this for starters? Smoked salmon and spinach roulade in under five minutes in a microwave oven

So easy using Samsung Professional Appliances’ online commercial microwave cookbook

Most commercial kitchens have a commercial microwave but do they use themVisit commercialmicrowavecookbook.co.uk for Samsung’s recipe for smoked salmon and spinach roulade to their full potential? If they are just using them to defrost and re-heat – then the answer is no. The commercial microwave shouldn’t stand idle. It can be a very useful prime cooker taking up the slack when the main equipment is in use.


Eating away at the FOG problem

Winterhalter’s effective new enzyme drain maintainer keeps drains clear of fat, oil and grease for longer

Winterhalter's enzyme drain maintainer A 81 BLUeRestaurants, hotels and food preparation and processing establishments all have to cope with the waste fats, oils and grease (FOG) found in food ingredients finding their way into the drainage system. Once there, FOG can start to build up, constricting flow causing blockages, back-ups and unpleasant odours.

To help combat this problem Winterhalter has developed a safe, long lasting and extremely efficient enzyme based drain maintainer, A81 BLUe, which uses a blend of non-toxic, natural microbes to clear drains of FOG and other accumulated organic matter.  (More…)