How The Publicity Works … Works

New media opportunities emerge daily but successful PR still depends on the ability to drive the message home – whatever the medium. The Publicity Works delivers that drive.

The Press Office

Generating coverage, building profile, keeping our clients in front of their customers.

The client’s press office is at the heart of our operation.  Here’s what we do:

  • Generate regular news stories (products, services, case studies, etc. usually one per month)
  • Identify key influencers (journalists, bloggers, media lists, etc.) and stay in close touch with them
  • Maintain a features diary (key press) and create material for them in good time for deadlines
  • Ensure a fast, professional response to queries from the media
  • Explore and exploit opportunities, in both traditional and new media (online etc.)
  • Respond quickly to client requests and prioritise stories and tasks with a fast turnaround, such as responses to mentions or topical issues

As part of this service, if required, we will deal with all media queries for advertising and seps charges.  Almost every item of press coverage can generate a large amount of media sales enquiries.  Passing all queries to us not only saves you from being harrassed, but also means we can select the best offers and aggregate our clients’ opportunities together, to get you a better deal.

Digital Media

We help our clients exploit digital media, such as social media, content marketing including emailers, blogs and online video. PR is an increasingly useful tool to boost a company’s website rankings in search engines and developing customer awareness. We use Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and newswires to syndicate clients’ messages across the internet. We can manage your social media presence or provide advice on the best ways to maximise your online impact.

Additional Services

We provide a variety of other marketing support services, including copywriting (newsletters, emailers, direct mail, brochures, web sites, sales material, advertisement copy, etc.); advertising (scheduling, negotiating, buying and administering); assistance with event organisation; design (usually via associate companies); emarketing, (we can provide a full service, including emailer design).

Strategic Support

We will advise on a variety of marketing activities, including branding; the company message; how to reach the market; exploring potential new markets; etc.

Tactical support

Not only can we help you create the company message, we can advise on how to get it across – for example, the media opportunities and how best to exploit them; other (non-media) routes to market; etc.


The Publicity Works advises clients on a huge range of marketing opportunities, including exhibitions, new media/magazines, exploring new target markets, etc.  Our clients also regularly ask us to research areas on their behalf, either because they don’t have the manpower or expertise in-house, or because the subject may be too sensitive for them to be seen researching directly.