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FEA (the Foodservice Equipment Association)

The Foodservice Equipment Association (FEA) represents over 200 companies who supply commercial catering equipment – from utensils to full kitchen schemes. Buying equipment and services from a FEA member gives you the security of working with people that will ensure you get professional advice and service.

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FEA publishes Guide to Covid-19 and Best Kitchen Practice

26 June 2020

Clear, concise format puts key guidance in one place As we head towards July 4 and beyond there’s a lot of advice about how to run a safe foodservice operation in a Covid-19 world.  FEA has contributed to several of the guidance initiatives and now the Association has pulled the key elements together and produced a ‘Guide to Covid-19 and Kitchen Best Practice.’ The Guide is available to download from the coronavirus section at “The idea is to put...

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FEA Guide to COVID-19 Kitchen Best Practice

24 June 2020

As we begin operating in the new normal, FEA has put together guidelines covering best practice in the kitchen for foodservice operators.   The guidance covers those areas that are directly impacted by the COVID-19 crisis and are based on various sources, several of which FEA contributed to.  FEA cannot be held responsible for any costs or issues arising from following the guidelines.  The guidelines below are advisory and do NOT cover the established guidelines i.e. food safety, health and safety,...

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FEA lobbies government with radical plan to support foodservice industry

22 June 2020

Strategy will help equipment suppliers and foodservice operators while boosting green agenda FEA is lobbying the government to initiate a radical plan designed to support the foodservice industry while pushing the net zero carbon agenda, by encouraging the development and sale of more energy efficient equipment. The association has published its ideas in ‘Net Zero Carbon: A Three Point Plan for Foodservice Equipment’, which is available to download from the news section at   The three key points are tax...

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RCDs trigger a lockdown-easing issue

28 May 2020

FEA warns that RCDs may cause nuisance tripping issues after prolonged inactivity FEA says some members are reporting that, as electrical appliances in commercial kitchens are being tested after mothballing, there are occasional nuisance tripping issues associated with equipment that is connected to an RCD (Residual Current Device). RCDs switch off the electric supply automatically if there is a fault, giving enhanced levels of safety compared to standard fuses and circuit breakers.  It seems that the nuisance tripping may be...

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