Distinctively Modern

GE-GD espresso machines from Gaggia.

The Gaggia GE-GD espresso machine is built to be reliable and fully functional even in the busiest of commercial environments. Its stylish, attractive design looks distinctively modern. New to the range is an optional Cappuccinatore which is designed to make the perfect cappuccino.

The GE-GD Series comes in various sizes, from the smallest, compact 1-group GD One, to the largest, 4-group GE-GD which has a capacity of up to 400 espresso shots an hour. This means a suitable model is available for a variety of different operator environments, from big, crowded restaurants to small, trendy coffee houses.

The Gaggia range is marketed in the UK by Watermark and is available through distributors nationwide.

The GE-GD Cappuccinatore is designed for the larger 3 and 4-group GE-GD models. Connected to the milk supply and attached to one of the steam wands, the Cappuccinatore froths milk directly into the customer’s cup, for the perfect cappuccino. Not only is this feature quick and easy for staff to operate, it also means there’s no need to froth entire jugs of milk, meaning less washing up and wastage.

 The GE-GD Series has a variety of other features to ensure quality coffee, such as the autonomous heating system for each chromed brass group head. This not only guarantees a consistent temperature in every espresso, it also means that each nozzle runs independently, maximising speed and quantity of coffee production throughout the day.

Even with its highly sophisticated technological design, the GE-GD is straightforward to use. Its electronic control panel is simple and direct, so even new or casual members of staff can make perfect coffees during peak service.