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Washing dishes at the speed of EnergyLight

14 August 2014

Winterhalter’s new passthrough warewashers deliver huge time-savings Winterhalter’s latest PT series of passthrough warewashers has new systems that make them extra fast, cutting wash times and increasing capacity. The EnergyLight system reduces the time needed to heat up the rinse water by 26%, by continuously pre-heating the incoming water supply.  At the same time it cuts running costs, because it uses the energy in the machine’s wastewater to heat the inlet water, via a heat exchanger. Meanwhile the PT has...

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Energy Efficient Rational Awarded the Energy Star

19 March 2014

Rational SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® gains coveted Energy Star label In the catering industry today, it is not only important to serve perfectly cooked food but also to save resources and use sustainable equipment. Rational’s latest SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency has become one of the first combi ovens to be awarded the Energy Star label for delivering high standards of energy efficiency. Rational is committed to looking at the whole life-cycle of catering equipment and develop energy-efficient cooking technologies that minimise the consumption of...

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Passing through: big, fast, energy efficient warewashing

19 December 2013

The new Winterhalter PT-XL passthrough warewasher takes on big dishes Winterhalter’s all-new PT range of passthrough warewashers has raised warewashing to new heights of brilliance. The machines are more energy efficient, faster, with more cleaning power and easier to use. Now, with the introduction of the largest in the range, the PT-XL, Winterhalter has made this superior warewashing technology available for sites that regularly wash large dishes up to GN-2/1 tray size.

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