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Keeping the lid on self-serve hygiene and mess

New and improved Vollrath LidSaver 2 dispensers from FEM

Foodservice operations are careful about hygiene, but self-serve areas are often left untended for long periods. Drink lids are notoriously difficult to dispense causing mess, poor hygiene and waste. Customers often hunt through stacks of lids to find one that no-one else has touched, in turn coming into contact with several lids they don’t plan to use – the rest end up on the ground or across the counter. (more…)

FEM ‘meats’ the increased demand for quality carving stations

Vollrath Contoured Double Lamp Carving Stations from FEM

FEM’s Vollrath Contoured Double Lamp Carving StationsCarveries are increasingly popular, as they enable operators to offer a low cost, self-serve meal. As well as displaying the meat attractively, carvery stations need to ensure that meat is held at ideal temperature and in perfect condition for the duration of the service. No one wants tough, cold meat with their roast dinner! (more…)

A new Retherm favourite

FEM supplies Vollrath Mirage Induction Soup Kettle with innovative induction technology and stir indicator.

New Vollrath Induction Soup Kettle PRO from FEMFoodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has introduced the Vollrath Mirage Induction Soup Kettle which not only looks good, but is a safer and more efficient way to heat and serve food as it doesn’t require water for heating.

The Mirage Soup Kettle uses induction heating technology to retherm food faster and more precisely, eliminating overheating and resulting in better quality and less waste. The 800 watt, 3D induction coil heats food evenly and efficiently, with more precise temperature control, taking the 10.4 litre capacity inset filled with soup from a chilled state (below 4.4°C) through the HACCP “danger zone” of 73.9°C in less than 90 minutes. (more…)

Curves in all the right places

FEM serves up a range of durable and stylish display platters

Vollrath curved platters and standsThe first bite is with the eyes, as the saying goes. Displaying food in an attractive manner will stimulate customers’ appetites far more directly than even the most expertly written menu. For buffets, banqueting, hotels and restaurants, presentation is everything.

Foodservice Equipment Marketing now offers a range of contoured platters, manufactured by Vollrath, designed to display food in a stylish manner. (more…)

Slicing time and labour

©Blue Moon Studio, Inc.FEM’s new InstaCut food cutter makes light work of manual food preparation

Manual food preparation can be a time-consuming and labour-intensive process.  The new InstaCut™  5.0 multi-purpose cutter from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) effortlessly dices, slices, wedges and cores a variety of fruits and vegetables, three times faster than by hand, increasing productivity and freeing up staff time. (more…)

Looking good and doing the job

Vollrath’s new buffet stations now available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM)

Vollrath Contoured Buffet Station from FEMVollrath’s new buffet stations from FEM are a stylish option for keeping buffet items hot over a long serving period. Their decorative front and side panels conceal the heat source to create an attractive and practical presentation on the buffet table.

The buffet stations are available in two models designed to accept different heat sources. One can take either electric chafer heaters or oil burners, and the other an induction hob. Both models feature chrome-plated frames with decorative contoured aluminium panels in a choice of finishes – natural, brown or black – and include a shelf to support the heat source and protect the surface below the stand. (more…)

FEM Celebrates 20th Anniversary

‘Can do’ approach fosters success and long-term relations with suppliers, distributors and staff. 

Jim Doherty left and Harry Hogan founded FEM in 1993July 4th 1993, a small office in Glasgow.  The phone rings.  Two men look at each other across the desk.  It rings again.  A hand picks up the receiver.  “Hello, this is FEM.  How can I help you?”  As it happens, it was the BT engineer, but it’s significant because it was the first ever call to Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), which celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2013.

Back then the company employed two people – the founders, Harry Hogan and Jim Doherty.  It looked after one brand, Vollrath.  It had 3,000 square feet of warehouse space. (more…)

Give soup a blast from the past

New Vollrath Heat and Hold Retro Soup Kettles from FEMVollrath Heat and Hold Retro Soup Kettles from FEM

Soups are not just for the colder months, spring and summer vegetables make some of the best tasting, freshest soups, ideal for a light bite. Peas, squash, asparagus, spinach and sweetcorn all make delicious, flavourful soups. New Vollrath heat and hold retro soup kettles from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) provide an eye-catching and efficient way of heating and serving soup all-year round. (more…)


New Vollrath Induction Fajita Skillet Heater from FEM

Vollrath Induction Fajita Skillet Heater from FEMTex-Mex fajitas are increasingly popular, providing a number of menu variations with the wow factor of being delivered to the table sizzling hot and ready for customers to select their own fillings. The new Vollrath Induction Fajita Skillet Heater, available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing, ensures the dish is delivered to the customer with the fajitas’ trademark sizzle. (more…)

Heavy duty mixing on a small footprint

New Vollrath 10 litre countertop planetary mixer from FEM

For heavy-duty mixing without the need for a bulky mixer, Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched Vollrath’s new 10 litre countertop planetary mixer (MIX1010). Highly efficient, the MIX1010 is small enough to fit into any kitchen, yet robust enough for continuous use.

The compact MIX1010 mixer is the smallest in the Vollrath’s range, measuring just 332mm (w) x 449mm (d) x 538mm (h). It has a powerful 5-speed transmission and 1/3 HP motor which makes light work of mixing and gives consistent results. The mixer’s smaller footprint makes for easy cleaning and portability, whilst a rubber base stops it from moving across the countertop when in use. (more…)