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A Combination of efficiency, consistency and savings:

5 July 2012

Fait Maison group selects Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency combi steamers Fait Maison is a growing bakery and restaurant chain, based in London and offering a menu mixing classic French with Mediterranean cuisine.  It features two brands: Fait Maison, which offers bakery, restaurant and event catering, and Blanche Eatery, for take away, deli and lunch catering.  What all the outlets have in common is an emphasis on natural, healthy, freshly-made food.  To help them maintain that quality they have just invested in...

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CESA and EFCEM call on EU to change proposals that could reduce foodservice industry’s ability to cut energy consumption

20 March 2012

Sustainability: is the EU getting it wrong?  CESA is chair of the Technical Committee of EFCEM (the European Federation of Catering Equipment Manufacturers).  Recently EFCEM met with the EU Commission at a Consultation Forum to discuss the future development of catering equipment, focusing particularly on refrigerated cabinets, blast chillers and walk-in cold rooms. 

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