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FCSI crowns Winterhalter as European Manufacturer of the Year 2015

Award is accolade for company’s radical energy-saving warewash technologiesWinterhalter FCSI Award, from left, Duncan Ackery, Event Chairman; Manuel Rehm, Winterhalter Germany; Andy Blake and David Smithson, Winterhalter UK;  Martin Rahmann President FCSI EAME

Winterhalter has won the prestigious FCSI award for Manufacturer of the Year.  The award was announced at the FCSI EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East) conference in Madrid.  Judges singled out the company’s energy-efficient PT Series of passthrough warewashers, including the latest model, the ClimatePlus, which not only reduces energy consumption by over 50%, but also acts as a climate controller, pumping cool air into kitchens when the ambient temperature rises above 25°C.  (more…)

Washing dishes at the speed of EnergyLight

Winterhalter’s new passthrough warewashers deliver huge time-savingsThe PT warewasher from Winterhalter

Winterhalter’s latest PT series of passthrough warewashers has new systems that make them extra fast, cutting wash times and increasing capacity.

The EnergyLight system reduces the time needed to heat up the rinse water by 26%, by continuously pre-heating the incoming water supply.  At the same time it cuts running costs, because it uses the energy in the machine’s wastewater to heat the inlet water, via a heat exchanger.

Meanwhile the PT has a clever way of managing the energy which reduces the cleaning time for each wash cycle, increasing the rack capacity by up to 28% per hour.  It does this by channelling the power available to whichever component of the warewasher needs it most at that given point in time.  (more…)

TwinSet is hunky dory for warewashing at Belton Garden Centre

Winterhalter passthrough machines save energy and give ‘brilliant’ results

The Winterhalter TwinSet at Belton Garden CentreGarden Centres are becoming major catering destinations.  At Belton Garden Centre, Lincolnshire, when owners Karen and Graham Elkington decided to rebuild their small coffee shop they knew they would be handling large numbers, which was why they would need warewashing equipment that could cope.  In the event, the new catering facilities are serving up to 800 people a day – and the huge quantities of dirty crocks, glasses, cutlery and utensils are being washed by their three “brilliant” Winterhalter passthrough machines.  (more…)

Winterhalter unveils prototype warewasher at LACA Conference 2013

The Main Event, LACA conference and exhibition, Hilton Birmingham Winterhalter will unveil a prototype of its new passthrough for Schools at LACA Conference 2013Metropole, July 10-12 2013

Visitors to the LACA Conference 2013 will get the chance to have a sneak preview of the latest warewashers for schools, due to be launched in September 2013.

The passthrough machines are being developed by Winterhalter and will feature new technologies that save energy, water and chemicals.  They will also be highly adaptable, so that whatever the local conditions in terms of water quality, hardness and pressure, the machines will be able to deliver the best possible hygienic wash results.  (more…)