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Winterhalter’s glasswasher is bang on trend

16 July 2014

Advice on looking after fashionable glassware In the parts of East London where they like to set a trend rather than follow one, there’s a newfound love for a traditional pub favourite.     Turns out that old-school beer jugs with dimpled glass are making a comeback. While this is great for the nostalgic, it’s not necessarily so good for bar staff.

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Passing through: big, fast, energy efficient warewashing

19 December 2013

The new Winterhalter PT-XL passthrough warewasher takes on big dishes Winterhalter’s all-new PT range of passthrough warewashers has raised warewashing to new heights of brilliance. The machines are more energy efficient, faster, with more cleaning power and easier to use. Now, with the introduction of the largest in the range, the PT-XL, Winterhalter has made this superior warewashing technology available for sites that regularly wash large dishes up to GN-2/1 tray size.

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TwinSet is hunky dory for warewashing at Belton Garden Centre

8 August 2013

Winterhalter passthrough machines save energy and give ‘brilliant’ results Garden Centres are becoming major catering destinations.  At Belton Garden Centre, Lincolnshire, when owners Karen and Graham Elkington decided to rebuild their small coffee shop they knew they would be handling large numbers, which was why they would need warewashing equipment that could cope.  In the event, the new catering facilities are serving up to 800 people a day – and the huge quantities of dirty crocks, glasses, cutlery and utensils...

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Don’t get steamed up about energy prices

5 February 2013

Winterhalter’s UC Energy machines keep warewashing costs down as energy prices rise Traditionally, warewashing has been a huge consumer of resources.  With energy prices expected to rise by some 8% in 2013 (according to pubs, bars and restaurants will be looking at how to cut their energy bills – especially when it comes to warewashing. With this in mind Winterhalter developed the UC Energy undercounter dishwasher and glasswasher. It not only offers users substantial savings in energy costs but...

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