Thinner, narrower fridges offer a wider choice

British manufacturer Precision’s new 401 Series have a space-saving, non-standard size

When saving kitchen space is critical, British manufacturer Precision’s new 401 refrigeration cabinets are the solution.  Measuring just 600mm wide x 700mm deep, the 400 litre uprights deliver cost effective, reliable refrigeration, in ambients up to 43°C, while their energy-saving iCool controller keeps costs to a minimum.

The 401 Series has attractive, minimalist lines, such as a stainless steel handle with simple, one-piece construction. 

“The 401 fills the gap in the market, for caterers who don’t have room for a conventional commercial fridge and may be tempted to use an inappropriate semi domestic model, simply because of its size,” says Precision sales director Jeremy Hall.  “The new cabinets offer a choice: thinner and narrower than the industry standard 600 litre cabinets, but also with a much bigger capacity than a 150 litre undercounter model.”

The 401 has a bottom-mounted refrigeration system offering easy access for servicing.  It also features automatic defrost and an energy-saving waste heat vaporiser system that eliminates the need for a drain.

Like all Precision refrigeration, the 401 is manufactured in stainless steel throughout.  It is available in chilled (-2 to +4°C) and freezer (-18 to -22°C) versions.  Options include glass door, half door and remote condensing unit models.  The iCool controller automatically minimises power consumption and monitors operation, triggering audio visual alarms if there is a problem.  The high performance injected polyurethane insulation has an ODP (ozone depletion potential) of zero.

For more information check out the Precision website (, or call the company directly on +44 (0)1842 753 994.