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Leading UK warewasher expert joins Hubbard Systems

After Hobart and Dawson, Mellor looks forward to building the Comenda brand

One of the catering equipment industry’s most experienced dishwasher specialists, Jonathan Mellor, has joined Hubbard Systems as Technical Sales Manager responsible for the Comenda brand.  Mellor has twenty years’ experience in commercial dishwashing, working with Hobart and Dawson MMP.

The move follows Hubbard Systems’ appointment as UK distributor of the Comenda brand by The Ali Group.  “We aim to offer the same level of customer support for Comenda as we do for Scotsman icemakers,” says Simon Aspin, commercial director of Hubbard Systems.  “That means recruiting the top experts in the industry – and Jonathan certainly fits the bill.”


Washing dishes at the speed of EnergyLight

Winterhalter’s new passthrough warewashers deliver huge time-savingsThe PT warewasher from Winterhalter

Winterhalter’s latest PT series of passthrough warewashers has new systems that make them extra fast, cutting wash times and increasing capacity.

The EnergyLight system reduces the time needed to heat up the rinse water by 26%, by continuously pre-heating the incoming water supply.  At the same time it cuts running costs, because it uses the energy in the machine’s wastewater to heat the inlet water, via a heat exchanger.

Meanwhile the PT has a clever way of managing the energy which reduces the cleaning time for each wash cycle, increasing the rack capacity by up to 28% per hour.  It does this by channelling the power available to whichever component of the warewasher needs it most at that given point in time.  (more…)

Passing through: big, fast, energy efficient warewashing

The new Winterhalter PT-XL passthrough warewasher takes on big dishes

Winterhalter PT-XL corner installationWinterhalter’s all-new PT range of passthrough warewashers has raised warewashing to new heights of brilliance. The machines are more energy efficient, faster, with more cleaning power and easier to use. Now, with the introduction of the largest in the range, the PT-XL, Winterhalter has made this superior warewashing technology available for sites that regularly wash large dishes up to GN-2/1 tray size. (more…)

Winterhalter Wins Case at the Inner Temple

Prestige venue persuaded by performance and service support

Winterhalter's MTR multi-tank conveyor dishwasher systemBased in the heart of London’s legal quarter, between Fleet Street and the Thames, the Inner Temple is one of the four ancient Inns of Court and has been home, workplace, school and library to generations of barristers and judges. Today, whilst continuing to serve over 8,000 members, the Inner Temple is a prestigious venue available for weddings and receptions, banqueting and corporate events.  Collectively the Main Hall restaurant, four function rooms and garden can host over a thousand visitors at a time, and the site is open seven days a week.

To cope with the huge amounts of crockery the venue can generate, the Inner Temple recently installed a Winterhalter MTR multi-tank conveyor dishwasher system. The system was supplied by Nelson Catering Equipment of London.    (more…)

MTR: Big bonus for Banquet Clean Up

Winterhalter MTR multi tank rack conveyor warewasherWinterhalter’s MTR dishwasher makes the Christmas banquet clean up easier and faster.

Big Christmas banquets create mountains of dirty dishes, glasses, crockery and cookware. Clearing and washing up post-banquet can be a huge task, with the requirements varying from one commercial kitchen to another.  Winterhalter’s MTR range of rack conveyor dishwashers enable banquet caterers to turn around dirty plates and glasses quickly and easily, whilst also saving energy, costs and resources. (more…)

Winterhalter unveils prototype warewasher at LACA Conference 2013

The Main Event, LACA conference and exhibition, Hilton Birmingham Winterhalter will unveil a prototype of its new passthrough for Schools at LACA Conference 2013Metropole, July 10-12 2013

Visitors to the LACA Conference 2013 will get the chance to have a sneak preview of the latest warewashers for schools, due to be launched in September 2013.

The passthrough machines are being developed by Winterhalter and will feature new technologies that save energy, water and chemicals.  They will also be highly adaptable, so that whatever the local conditions in terms of water quality, hardness and pressure, the machines will be able to deliver the best possible hygienic wash results.  (more…)

Don’t get steamed up about energy prices

Winterhalter’s UC Energy machines keep warewashing costs down as energy prices rise

Winterhalter Energy UC seriesTraditionally, warewashing has been a huge consumer of resources.  With energy prices expected to rise by some 8% in 2013 (according to MoneyExpert.com) pubs, bars and restaurants will be looking at how to cut their energy bills – especially when it comes to warewashing.

With this in mind Winterhalter developed the UC Energy undercounter dishwasher and glasswasher. It not only offers users substantial savings in energy costs but also improves the working environment around the warewasher, through its innovative use of heat exchange technology. (more…)

Less water, same high performance

Winterhalter rinse system cuts water consumption by 25 to 30% on MTR Series warewashers

When big institutions such as hospitals, universities and large schools are looking to make savings and boost their environmental credentials water consumption can come under scrutiny. Traditionally warewashing has been a big consumer of water, especially in the rinse cycle, but Winterhalter’s latest MTR Series warewashers have an optimised rinse system that lowers fresh water consumption by 25 to 30%. (more…)

The XS Factor: making glasses and dishes cleaner

Extra small, ultra-efficient reverse osmosis water treatment system from Winterhalter

RoMatik XS from Winterhalter

Winterhalter has developed a highly compact reverse-osmosis water treatment system.  The RoMatik XS (eXtra Small) is designed to work with undercounter glass and dishwashers, such as Winterhalter’s own UC Series.  It combines all the benefits of a full-size system with low running costs and long service intervals. 

Reverse osmosis systems are recognised as the best way to treat water to ensure perfect glass and dish washing results, with no smears or odours.  Water is passed though an ultra-fine membrane which removes nearly all the impurities and particles that cause cleaning problems.  But traditional systems are large – often too large for the site.  Winterhalter’s new mini-system measures just 469mm (h) x 142mm (w) x 515mm (d), so is easily small enough to fit beside or even on top of the warewasher.  Yet it can process up to 90 litres of water per hour, removing 98% of particles.  (more…)