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The Smart slicer just got smarter!

FEM launch new red and black Sirman Smart entry-level slicers

Small restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, delis and bars can benefit from freshly sliced meats, cheeses and bread without the heavy-duty price tag, thanks to FEM’s popular Sirman Smart 250 slicers. The affordable, yet reliable, entry-level slicers now look even smarter front-of-house as FEM launches two new colours to the range. (more…)

Budget Cutting

Sirman Smart 250 slicer from FEM: quality yet affordable meat slicer for cafes, small restaurants and delis

Immagini 184


While quality slicers guarantee the consistent cuts of meat often essential in commercial catering, large, heavy-duty machines are an unnecessary expense for small establishments. The new Sirman Smart 250 slicer from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is an affordable, entry-level slicer ideal for cafes, small restaurants and delis. (more…)

Blending up a storm

The new Sirman Storm Stick blender from FEM is both heavy-duty and light-weight

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The latest stick blender available in the UK from FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is the new Storm Stick blender, manufactured by Sirman. The Storm Stick blender enables caterers to blend large volumes within pots and pans, reducing manual handling and washing up. (more…)

Master fresh pasta

FEM’s new Sirman Sinfonia 2 pasta machine

sirman-sinfonia-2-pasta-machine-from-femWith freshly produced food ever popular, pasta made on the premises not only draws in customers, but also commands a premium price. Plus, it tastes better, too!

FEM’s new Sirman Sinfonia 2 pasta machine enables small to medium-sized restaurants to branch out and introduce fresh pasta to their menus. (more…)

Double decker pizza perfection

FEM’s new Sirman Vesuvio double deck pizza ovens – double-delivers on taste, reliability and performance!

Sirman Vesuvio 2C with optional hood, on bench with Hercules Dough MixerFreshly produced pizzas are extremely popular and are one of the catering industries must-offer money spinners. Stone-baked electric pizza ovens allow caterers to produce pizzas with the aroma and taste closest to a traditional pizzeria.

To keep up with the popularity of freshly produced pizzas, FEM has launched the new Sirman Double Deck Vesuvio 2C electric pizza ovens. The ovens feature a stone baking deck for that traditional pizza texture and robust stainless steel construction making the ovens durable and hardwearing. The double decks make the Vesuvio 2C ideal for sites specialising in pizzas. (more…)

That’s the way to dough it!

New Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers from FEM

FEM's Sirman Dough RollerFEM has launched the Sirman Pizza Dough Rollers to the UK catering market. They help caterers make light-work of preparing the perfect pizza dough.

Pizzas will always be one of the catering industry’s must-offer money spinners and customer favourites, so investing in the right equipment is essential. Pizzas freshly made on the premises not only taste so much better than brought-in varieties, but offer great versatility as they can be topped with in-house speciality flavours or to the customer’s own specifications. (more…)

Compact yet planetary

FEM launches Sirman Plutone 7 Planetary Mixer

Sirman Plutone 7 Planetary Mixer from FEMPlanetary mixers are real workhorses in commercial kitchens. For kitchens needing a compact solution, FEM has launched the Sirman Plutone 7 Planetary Mixer.

The Plutone 7 Mixer can be easily sited on a tabletop or work surface, yet is suitable for everyday, medium density mixing. Its metal cast construction makes it hard wearing, whilst its 7 litre bowl enables large quantities of eggs, dough, cream, batter, meringue or potato to be quickly and easily mixed, blended, whipped or beaten. (more…)

Give everything a good grilling

FEM’s Sirman Contact Grills with removable platesSirman Double Contact Grill with removable plates (model PD R PS)  from FEM

Contact grills provide a quick, simple and healthy way of cooking a whole range of inexpensive but high-profit snacks, such as paninis and toasted sandwiches. You don’t even need a kitchen! The latest Sirman Contact Grills, from FEM, make cleaning up just as quick and simple by featuring removable plates. (more…)

Sous vide so very easily

Sirman Easysoft Vacuum packer/sous vide combo from FEM

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Immagini 131

In recent years sous vide cookery has seen an increase in popularity. Cooking sous vide helps retain the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of food while reducing shrinkage and helping to guarantee consistent results. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) supplies the Sirman Easysoft sous vide/vacuum packer combo. (more…)

Pasta Perfection

Sirman SIRpasta machine from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM)

Sirman SIRpasta machine from FEMOffering pasta made in-house provides a point of difference on menus, tastes much better than dried or bought-in pasta and commands a premium price. To enable venues to quickly and easily produce a range of fresh pasta from scratch, Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has launched the Sirman SIRpasta machine.

The Sirman SIRpasta machine has a planetary spiral mixer which makes light work of combining the pasta dough ingredients. The mixer bowl has a capacity of 20 litres, capable of holding 4kg of dough. The top feeder tube allows egg to be added gradually, during mixing, to ensure the ingredients are thoroughly combined and the dough is the desired consistency. (more…)