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Rational: 600,000 for 1

8 January 2014

The Savoy’s Rational ‘addict’ is impressed by combi steamer manufacturer’s milestone machine Rational has just delivered its 600,000th combi steamer.  The SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency (model SCC WE 101) 10 grid unit was installed in November into The Savoy, Strand, London, under the watchful eye of executive chef James Pare.

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Muffin can beat it

2 December 2013

SelfCookingCenter® accessory makes it easier than ever to bake fresh muffins Rational’s Muffin and Timbale Mould makes it easier than ever to stock freshly baked muffins. The moulds are designed to work alongside the SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency to deliver perfect results, every time.

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De-stress the chef – spread the load this Christmas

17 October 2013

Rational SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® cooks even when the chef has gone home to bed Christmas can be crunch time in the kitchen. Everyone is working overtime, appliances are going full blast and chefs may experience meltdown. But with the right cooking equipment, chefs can spread their load and even get some of the cooking done overnight. The answer to easing out the peaks and troughs in demand is to use a versatile, multifunctional cooking appliance such as the Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency...

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40th anniversary combi – it’s a piece of cake

24 July 2013

Rational puts £8,000 combi steamer up for grabs Celebrating an anniversary is usually accompanied by gifts and a cake. So to mark its 40th anniversary Rational has the perfect gift: a six-grid SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® for one lucky chef, who will find that cooking with a Rational is also a piece of cake. And it couldn’t be easier to win the Rational SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency combi steamer: everyone attending a Rational CookingLive event between June and November 2013 will be entered into...

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Chai Corner’s authentic Indian street food – in a Rational Combi Steamer

30 May 2013

“Many products are even better than in a traditional tandoor” Street food has rocketed in popularity in recent years – the combination of flavour, authenticity and freshness catching the mood of the times.  So it’s no surprise that Chai Corner, an Indian street food restaurant in the heart of the Shopping Centre in Croydon, is so successful.  What is surprising is that instead of using the traditional tandoor oven, the restaurant specified a combi steamer to prepare all its barbequed...

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