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Aerofoils help Multideck merchandiser energy efficiency fly

Williams’ latest Multidecks cut energy use by up to 15%

Williams has upgraded its range of Gem Multideck grab & go merchandisers by developing special aerofoils that dramatically improve energy efficiency.

The aerofoils are mounted along the front of the unit’s shelves and double as ticket strips.  They are carefully angled to trap cold air as it flows around the Multideck, redirecting it onto the shelf below.  This redirecting of the cold air saves energy as the unit’s refrigeration doesn’t have to work so hard to maintain temperature.  It also improves the customer experience as it reduces ‘cold aisle syndrome’, with most of the cold air staying inside the display, instead of spilling out of the front.  This is especially important where runs of Multidecks are grouped together.  (more…)

TUCO Conference News: Williams shows front- and back-of-house refrigeration

Williams at TUCO Conference, Imperial College London July 20th – 22nd 2015

Williams Gem Multideck will be on show at LACA main event 2015Whether it’s front-of-house grab and go, or back-of-house refrigerated storage, Williams will show delegates at TUCO the benefits that high quality refrigeration can offer university catering operations.

Grab & Go is a popular option with students and staff alike in the university dining market. For operators it’s an easy way to extend serving time, with all-day displays of tasty and healthy products such as sandwiches, pre-packed salads and quiches. Williams will be showing Gem Multideck merchandisers: these attractive and functional display units look great in a dining area and enhance the products on display.  (more…)

LACA Conference News: Williams’ flexible refrigeration solutions

The Main Event, LACA conference and exhibition, Hilton Birmingham Metropole, 8th-10th July 2015

Williams Gem Multideck will be on show at LACA main event 2015When it comes to refrigeration one way to optimise space in school kitchens is to look at more flexible equipment that can adapt to changes in menu, speed up service and ensure food is kept fresh. At the 2015 LACA Main Event, Williams will be showing how its range of refrigeration can do that and more.

On the Williams stand visitors will be able to see the Gem Multideck R100 refrigerated merchandiser. With the increase in the popularity of ‘grab & go’ service, the Gem Multidecks are a popular way to maximise every millimetre of retail space front-of-house. The R100 is a slimline Multideck, perfect for school dining areas, where space is often limited. With the R100, presentation is enhanced and customers have open, easy access to drinks, pre-packed snacks and dairy products, all in a compact footprint. (more…)

Williams shows refrigeration for the coffee shop market

Stand D36, Caffé Culture Show, 13-14 May 2015 Olympia London

Williams Refrigeration will be returning to Caffe Culture Show this year stand D36At the 2015 Caffé Culture Show Williams will be showing a range of refrigeration essential to anyone operating in the coffee shop sector. From front-of-house display units to back-bar bottle coolers, space-saving kitchen refrigeration and preparation units, Williams can provide the solution.

Front-of-house, the SC1200 Gem Sandwich Chiller is designed expressly to give customers open, easy access to grab & go products including sandwiches, dairy items, cakes and drinks. It is finished in attractive, highly mirrored stainless steel to fit in with any setting. The chiller also incorporates Williams’ innovative new energy-saving ‘air curtain’ concept, which allows customers free access to the products while keeping the cold air inside the display. (more…)

A polished Gem for Schools

Gem Multideck eco-friendly ‘Grab and Go’ refrigerated merchandisers for education catering

Gem Multideck eco-friendly 'Grab and Go'refrigerated merchandisers for education cateringWilliams’ upgraded Gem Multideck merchandisers are ideal for ‘Grab and Go’ education catering as they are designed to save energy, cut running costs and look good front of house. The Multideck maximises retail space, keeps produce fresh and chilled, and provides customers with open, easy access to drinks, pre-packed snacks and dairy products. The new, attractive features and options include sliding front doors, a choice of stainless steel colour finishes and robust LED strip lighting.

The new sliding front doors can reduce energy consumption by up to 50%, compared to traditional open-fronted commercial chillers. The smooth operating and self-closing doors allow easy access, while guaranteeing consistent temperatures, between +3°C / +5°C.  Panoramic tempered glass sides and shelves offer superb all-round visibility. (more…)

Williams Chills at Caffè Culture 2013:

Modern, attractive and highly efficient commercial chillers from Williams – ideal for cafes, coffee shops and other grab and go establishments

Williams Grab & Go chillers at Caffè Culture 2013Stand E21, Caffè Culture Show, 15-16 May 2013, Olympia, London.

At Caffè Culture 2013, Williams Refrigeration will be showcasing its range of front of house equipment, including the company’s new Sandwich Chiller and its popular Gem Multideck series. The exhibition offers visitors the opportunity to examine Williams’ stylish and efficient refrigeration units more closely, while learning about their new and innovative features. (more…)

Grab & Go Refrigeration Display at Lunch!

Williams Refrigeration shows new Gem Multideck

Stand 128, Lunch! 20 – 21 September 2012, Business Design Centre, London. 

Williams Refrigeration will be showcasing its popular Gem Multideck at Lunch 2012! A whole host of new energy saving features and options have been added to the range.

They include smooth operating, front sliding doors that guarantee uniform temperatures and will keep produce clean and fresh while significantly reducing energy consumption. Another energy saving feature, offered as standard across the entire range, is LED strip lighting – which also enhances the display and improves visibility of merchandise. (more…)