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Raising the bar with the new High Heat X Pans.

Cambro High Heat X-Pans from FEM cut handling time and increase flexibility for caterers

FEM has introduced the new Cambro High Heat X-Pans, designed to increase flexibility and reduce handling time by allowing caterers to prep, store, heat and serve in one pan. Caterers can use them for prepping food and then place them straight in the freezer or directly into a hot oven. The High Heat X-Pans cater for temperatures ranging from -40° to 190°C). (more…)

Popular food transporting solution now even more functional

FEM launches two new smaller sizes to popular Cam GoBoxes range

FEM's Cambro EPP Cam GoBoxes in new half sizes EPP 260 280 Boxes StackLaunched to the UK market by FEM last year, Cambro EPP Cam GoBoxes have been extremely popular. Now, FEM is launching two new half-sized, top-loading models, set to bring the affordable, practical and efficient insulated food transporting solution to even more operators.

Manufactured by Cambro, the specialist supplier of quality equipment for foodservice, the Cam GoBoxes are perfect for operators looking for a food transporting solution that delivers on all areas. (more…)

Tray beau

FEM launches Cambro Madeira Laminated trays in three new upscale woodgrain patterns

FEM’s new Cambro Madeira trays deliver on aesthetics, functionality and durabilityTrays are a vital part of self-service establishments, but it’s important that they look good, as well as being hard-wearing and functional.

Wood effect trays are very popular – but, as in every area, wood fashions change. To reflect the latest wood trends, FEM has launched a new series of designs in the Cambro Madeira range. (more…)

An assortment of plate sizes: Caddy on regardless

FEM launch new Cambro ADC33 Adjustable Dish Caddy

fem-launch-new-cambro-adc33-adjustable-dish-caddyBanqueting operations and event caterers need ways of storing and moving large numbers of plates. But what if the plates, bowls, platters and trays are assorted shapes and sizes? FEM’s new Cambro ADC33 Adjustable Dish Caddy allows operators to store one-size plates or a combination of different sizes in a single caddy. (more…)

A food transporting solution that ticks all the boxes

FEM’s latest Cambro front-loading EPP Cam GoBoxes – Affordable, functional and efficient.

fems-cambro-epp-front-loading-cam-goboxesFEM now supplies Cambro’s front-loading EPP Cam GoBoxes, an insulated food transporting solution that is affordable, practical and efficient.

FEM’s Cam GoBoxes are ultra-lightweight due to their eco-friendly, high-performance EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) foam construction. Despite this, the Cam GoBoxes are strong and durable enabling them to withstand heavy commercial use and substantial impact without damage. They offer great structural strength which means they are capable of handling heavy loads, whilst maintaining their shape and form. (more…)

Top Loading and Good to Go

Ultra-light insulated top-loading carriers from FEM – protect food and budgets

FEM's Cambro EPP top-loading Cam GoBoxesFEM’s new top-loading EPP Cam GoBoxes are the latest insulated transporters from Cambro, the specialist supplier of quality plastic equipment for foodservice. Affordable, practical and efficient, the Cam GoBoxes are perfect for operators looking for a food transporting solution that delivers on all areas.

Constructed from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene), an eco-friendly, high performance foam material, the Cam GoBoxes are extremely light-weight. Despite this, they don’t compromise on performance. (more…)

Allergic reaction

FEM launch Cambro Allergen-Free range for safe food prep, storage and allergy reg. compliance

Cambro Allergen-Free Camsquares measuring cups and dissolvable labelsCatering for individuals with allergies and intolerances is not only worth big bucks, but it is now law that caterers must be able to tell customers if menu items contain any of the main 14 allergens.

It is vital that caterers not only list the allergen containing ingredients, but also be aware of any cross contamination during food preparation and storage, as this also needs to be disclosed to customers. Cross contamination is one of the main causes of allergens reaching customers who have food allergies and intolerances. (more…)

Tray Chic

100% recyclable trays can be personalised

The new fully recyclable Cambro Versa Tray from FEMWith businesses under increasing demands to reduce their environmental impact in all areas, Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) is bringing the first fully recyclable tray to the market.

Produced by Cambro, the Versa Tray Ecologic Series uses natural materials combined with innovative manufacturing processes. The new trays are lighter and more durable than previous Versa Tray models as well as being environmentally friendly. (more…)

Safely secure, shelve and store

FEM supplies Cambro security cage for Camshelving

Cambro security cage for Camshelving from FEMFoodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) now supplies Cambro’s Security Cage for Camshelving®, which provides safe storage for valuable items, such as steaks, seafood, wine, champagne and spirits.

The Security Cage is designed with adjoining panels, making it easy to install in a new or existing Camshelving stationary or mobile unit. Its modular design provides the flexibility to retrofit one shelf at a time or an entire shelving unit. (more…)

Free School Meals: food transport special

FEM offers advice and puts together food transport and serving ‘package’ for primary schools

Part of FEM's Cambro range of food transport systems for schoolsMany primary schools without kitchen facilities bring in food, from larger schools or a central production unit. Pressure will be increased enormously in September with the advent of increased free school meals provision.

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) supplies the Cambro range of school meals delivery boxes and ancillary systems. The company can provide a variety of options, with a wide choice of insulated transport boxes complemented by a range of polycarbonate and polypropylene gastronorm pans and lids to hold and serve the food. Cambro also manufactures High Heat food pans, which are safe up to 190°C, making them suitable for use in microwave ovens and bains maries. (more…)