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The Midland Hotel: hi tech Frimas help meet highest banqueting standards

“Fantastic” VarioCooking Centers: “Every kitchen should have one!”

Brian Spark of the Midland HotelThe Midland Hotel in Manchester aims for the highest banqueting standards while serving up to 900 covers at a time.  “What sets us apart from a standard banquet operation is that we aim to offer restaurant style meals,” says Brian Spark, executive head chef.

Recently The Midland updated its main banqueting kitchen in a £250,000 refurbishment.  As well as replacing gas with induction, installing a new island suite and Rational combi steamers, the new kitchen saw the introduction of two new high tech appliances, in the shape of Frima VarioCooking Centers.


A moveable feast

Moffat’s Bulk Food Hotline Banqueting Trolleys provide high quality food transport in a small footprint

Moffat's PF20 bulk food hotline banquet trolleyMany banqueting venues with multiple function rooms need to transport food from a main kitchen to satellite serving stations. This can throw up problems keeping food piping hot, not only during the journey but also once in situ, if service is delayed. The use of banqueting trolleys is essential in these situations but if space at either end is limited, the size of the trolley is critical.


Pre-plated meals on wheels

Alto-Shaam Banquet carts from FEM (96 model 2door)FEM’s Alto-Shaam mobile banquet carts provide a solution for any type of banquet

Maintaining food quality is a key issue at banquets. Food needs to be held at the right temperature for serving, without deterioration, shrinkage or drying out. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has the solution with Alto-Shaam’s range of heated banquet carts.

The Alto-Shaam carts keep pre-plated food hot, fresh and ready to serve to waiting guests. The special ‘Halo Heat’ heating system gently and evenly warms the food, maintaining appearance and taste, while prolonging holding life. This ensures that food is every bit as good when it comes out of the trolley as when it went in, so the meal gets to the customer in the condition the chef intended. (more…)

Pressure cooking takes the pressure off banqueting at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole

FRIMA VarioCooking Center Multificiency is ‘a world apart’ from conventional equipment

Executive Chef Paul Taylor with the FRIMA at the Hilton Birmingham MetropoleEvents, conferences and banquets at the Hilton Birmingham Metropole vary in number from 6 to 1,400. The main kitchen, where food for the events is prepared, has just replaced its bratt pans with a FRIMA VarioCooking Center Multificiency – and it’s made a world of difference, says Executive Chef Paul Taylor.

“It’s versatile, it’s fast, it saves energy, it gives us absolutely consistent results, and it reduces wastage and shrinkage,” he says.


Rational gets it finished

Rational’s new Finishing® System for the perfect banqueting set up

Rational's new Finishing System for the perfect banqueting set upRational has developed a Finishing System for its SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® that allows chefs to prepare food in advance in a relaxed, stress-free atmosphere and then serve it later piping hot – whether it’s for 20 or 2,000 diners at a time.

Food is cooked in a SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency and arranged on the serving plates. It is then stored chilled in special mobile plate racks until required. Shortly before serving, the food is finished in the Rational unit ready to go to the diners. The SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency has a Finishing process that regenerates food perfectly with no crossover of flavours. This means vegetarian and meat or fish dishes can all be regenerated together. (more…)

Winterhalter does Stirling service

Stirling Management Centre relies on Winterhalter warewashing machines to keep up standards

WINTERHALTER product shoot at Stirling Management Centre.  ImageStirling Management Centre is located right at the very ‘heart of Scotland’ – equidistant from Glasgow and Edinburgh and within sight of the Wallace Monument.  Set in 300 acres of parkland, it offers a range of quality conference facilities including meeting rooms, exhibition space, accommodation, sport and recreational opportunities. It  is also well known for its excellent restaurant and banqueting services.

Seating up to 230 diners, the light and airy Abbey Craig restaurant is open daily for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It offers a wide variety of hot and cold dishes and an extensive wine list. Drinks can be served separately at the adjoining bar. (more…)

A banquet cart you can bank on

Alto-Shaam heated banquet carts available from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM)

The challenge with a banquet is keeping large quantities of food hot and ready to serve without compromising on quality and taste. Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) now supplies Alto-Shaam heated banquet carts which are designed to keep pre-plated food hot, fresh and ready to serve to waiting guests. (more…)

Rational Finishing: the last word in banqueting food quality

SelfCookingCenter ‘Finishing’ process delivers best results for banquet catering

Rational's Finishing process for banquets

Cooking food to perfection for a banquet is relatively easy.  Making sure it’s still perfect when it gets to the table is more complicated.  But at the touch of a button Rational’s powerful Finishing process, which is fitted as standard into its SelfCookingCenter combi steamers, ensures that every dish is served perfectly, whether the event is catering for 30 or 3,000.

Finishing is an intelligent process that is designed to regen food perfectly, ensuring that the quality is as good as, if not better than, freshly cooked.  It’s especially useful for preparing plated meals as it eliminates common issues such as drying out, over-cooking or condensation.  The operator simply selects the ‘Finishing – plated banquet’ option on the control panel and the process does the rest, ensuring the food is brought up to temperature gently with no loss of taste or visual quality.  (more…)

Award-winning British chef and award-winning British technology help award-winning Algiers hotel upgrade its banqueting

Neil Moore-McCarthy with a Moffat Chillogen banqueting trolley at the Royal Armouries, Leeds

An award-winning British chef is flying out to Algiers to help the award-winning, five star Sheraton Club des Pins Resort and Towers get up to speed with an award-winning piece of British foodservice technology – the Moffat Chillogen banqueting trolley. 

The Club des Pins is one of Algiers most renowned events venues – its 700-seater auditorium has hosted heads of state as well as business people and tourists.   Meetings and conferences are big business and recently the hotel decided to upgrade its banqueting facilities.  After visiting the Gulf Food Show the hotel ordered five high-tech Chillogen banqueting trolleys from British manufacturer Moffat.  (more…)