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Apuro launches new energy saving commercial laundry range

19 May 2008

Apuro has launched a new range of Whirlpool commercial laundry equipment which offers much smaller energy bills for smaller commercial users, while still delivering full professional washing power in a small unit. And to ensure reliability and budgeting, Apuro is, remarkably, offering them with a fully inclusive two-year commercial guarantee.

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Drinkers going round in Circles

16 May 2008

Drinking is banned on the the London Underground from 1st June. A group of young revellers have had a good weeze to protest/celebrate the ban.  They are going to hold a party in the last carriage of every clockwise Circle Line train from 9pm to midnight of May 31st.

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Student Gems

13 May 2008

Just discovered Student Gems – a website where you can discover students willing to do jobs that fully-trained and experienced people might not be available to do, especially at lower prices.

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