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Tesco comes to Aylsham

21 July 2008

Tesco opened its new Aylsham store this morning, and someone from The Publicity Works was on hand to witness the first few frenzied customers. Unlike some local residents, I welcome the store.  I’m paticularly grateful for Tesco’s selection of lunchtime sandwiches and salads, streets ahead of anything offered by the local small Budgens, Somerfield and the bakers.  Price isn’t the issue, quality is. But what has surprised me is how many of Aylsham’s small businesses are also welcoming Tesco to...

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Apuro’s Ital conveyor toaster heats croissants and other snacks as well

16 July 2008

Most conference facilities and hotels that offer self-service breakfasting need an efficient and quick toaster. Conveyor toasters are the best way to keep the breakfast queue moving, but all too often they are a bit bulky for the average breakfast bar. However the new compact Ital conveyor toaster available from Apuro measures only 340 x 370 x 480mm and is suitable not only for toasting or heating up bread but also for heating up croissants and other pastries and snacks.

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Apuro’s Autonumis bottle coolers made for 21st Century drinks

23 June 2008

With the ever increasing variety of classy bottled drinks on the market, bars are finding back-bar bottle coolers essential pieces of kit for storing and displaying merchandise to maximise sales. Apuro‘s new Autonumis bottle coolers are low energy units designed to be stylish and extremely functional with good chill factor.

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Ital commercial fryers from Apuro are great for small kitchens

18 June 2008

The Great British Eating Public will always love chips. Part of the national psyche, chips are extremely popular as side servings with main meals, salads, sandwiches and paninis, or as a stand-alone snack item with dips – and they are very easy to cook to order. Apuro supplies a range of small commercial table-top fryers, manufactured by Ital, which are especially suitable for small pubs, snack bars and cafes. These fryers are efficient and practical, compact enough to sit comfortably...

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Apuro adds Kastel ice makers to product range

16 June 2008

The cocktail and smoothie culture is gathering momentum and more and more bars and restaurants are finding they need a ready supply of ice to keep the punters happy. Demand is such that they can no longer cope with buying in bags of ice. Apuro, one of the leading distributors of equipment for the UK hospitality market, has expanded its product portfolio with the introduction of a range of icemakers from Italian manufacturer Kastel. These compact icemakers are designed to...

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