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Apuro’s Kastel ice makers keep up with Christmas demand

6 August 2008

The drinks industry goes wild at Christmas time and sales shoot up as people meet up to eat, drink and be merry. With the ever increasing popularity of cocktails, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, now is the time for publicans, club owners and restaurateurs to make sure they have an efficient cost effective method of ice production put in place. Customers expect cocktails to be served and presented professionally with lashings of hard, clear or crushed ice – they’ll go elsewhere...

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No ‘best blog’ in Caterersearch website awards

30 July 2008

Caterer & Hotelkeeper, has launched the Caterersearch Hospitality Awards, to identify and honour the best websites in the hospitality industry. I’m disappointed to see they don’t have a category for Best Blog.  My nomination would probably be      Aidan Brooks: Trainee Chef Barely out of his teens, this guy not only works in great kitchens, not only knows about food, but write well too!  When I first stumbled on the blog, early last year, I thought it was a ‘front’...

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Apuro’s hot dog warmer – A counter-top Essential

28 July 2008

Hot dogs are a perennial favourite – a simple takeaway item that’s easy to prepare and with the addition of imaginative toppings, can quickly become a value-added house special. All that’s needed to get started is a good quality hot dog warmer, a supply of tasty baguettes or buns and of course some yummy hot dog sausages. Apuro has added the Ital Hot Dog Warmer to its product portfolio. These Hot Dog Warmers not only keep the hot dogs hot...

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Phew wot a scorcher

22 July 2008

Welcome to the simply spintastic new Publicity Works website, with specially formulated Crooks & NanniesTM. Leave us a comment if you love it. OK, leave us one if you hate it, too, and we’ll be sure to pass it on to the long-suffering (not to mention long-winded) gnomes who designed and built it.

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Tesco comes to Aylsham

21 July 2008

Tesco opened its new Aylsham store this morning, and someone from The Publicity Works was on hand to witness the first few frenzied customers. Unlike some local residents, I welcome the store.  I’m paticularly grateful for Tesco’s selection of lunchtime sandwiches and salads, streets ahead of anything offered by the local small Budgens, Somerfield and the bakers.  Price isn’t the issue, quality is. But what has surprised me is how many of Aylsham’s small businesses are also welcoming Tesco to...

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