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Rational invented combi-steaming in 1976. Now the company’s new SelfCookingCenter 5 Senses is the first intelligent commercial cooking appliance that actually interacts with chefs, getting to know the way they work so that, together, the chef and their combi can always deliver the best possible cooking results.

Rational’s SelfCookingCenters are renowned for simplifying the cooking process – delivering perfectly cooked food quickly, efficiently and fully automatically. With a market share of around 60% of the UK combi oven market and being the manufacturer of over half the combi ovens sold worldwide, a Rational is a ‘must have’ piece of kit in any professional kitchen.

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Rational’s Self Cooking Center bakes perfect Christmas treats

8 October 2008

The run up to Christmas is an especially busy time in the bakery. Rich Christmas cakes, mince pies, spicy Christmas cookies, brandy snaps, Florentines and traditional Christmas puddings are all in demand alongside savoury pork pies and party quiches. The main problem is cooking all these different specialities at the same time – they need different cooking times and there could be a risk of taste transfer between dishes. he latest version of Rational’s SelfCooking Center takes care of all...

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Rational launches new SelfCooking Center™ with intelligent CareControl

26 September 2008

CareControl™ delivers the Combi for designers, engineers, cleaners, environmentalists, accountants and bank managers. Chefs should love it, too.   Rational has launched a new SelfCooking Center that never needs descaling, doesn’t need a water filter and cleans itself – but only when it needs to. All three features, which make up Rational’s new ‘CareControl’ system, are world ‘firsts’ in combi technology and are set to save space, slash running costs and help protect the environment. The new Rationals are even...

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Christmas catering made easy, courtesy of Rational

8 September 2008

Putting a SelfCooking Center at the heart of your kitchen will make life easier and more profitable at Christmas – and through the rest of the year, too. That’s the claim from Rational, manufacturer of this award winning ‘next generation’ combi.

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Rational Wins Energy-Efficient Innovation Prize

13 August 2008

Impressed German judges award Rational innovation prize The Rational SelfCooking Center has been awarded the Innovation prize for design, research and development by ASUE, the German Association for the Efficient and Environmentally Friendly Use of Energy. The prize was for its approaches towards energy saving and reducing emissions on the gas models of the SelfCooking Center.

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Restaurant Show 2008: Rational showcases ‘spectacular’ SelfCooking Center

11 August 2008

Rational at the Restaurant Show, Stand H28, London Earl’s Court, 6-8 October 2008 Rational will showcase the latest combi cooking technology, techniques and tools at the Restaurant Show 2008. And if visitors have any combi cooking questions, they can come and chat to the expert chefs on stand H28, anytime throughout the show. Along with demonstrations covering everything from breakfast to banqueting, there’s a daily showstopper – a chance for the Rational chefs to highlight some of the SelfCooking Center’s...

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