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RATIONAL is the leading provider in hot food preparation equipment and, with the VarioCookingCenter and SelfCookingCenter, the company delivers all a commercial kitchen’s thermal cooking requirements.  Together, the two appliances offer the best cooking solutions.

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Combi-Duo: Double The Flexibility

12 June 2008

SelfCooking Center® accessory adds versatility and capacity to combi cooking Rational’s Combi-Duo allows caterers to safely mount a SelfCooking Center on top of another SelfCooking Center – which means double the flexibility, in the same size footprint. So chefs could, for example, produce roasts meats in the bottom unit and soufflés in the top one – all at the same time. “The SelfCooking Center is designed to be the most adaptable and easy to use combi on the market,” says...

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Superspike from Rational for perfectly roasted chicken and duck

11 June 2008

New ‘Superspike’ accessory for the Rational Selfcooking Center® offers perfect, fast and easy roast chicken and duck The perfectly cooked chicken or duck is a big seller in restaurants and takeaways. The crispy skin, succulent meat and tempting aroma are sure-fire menu winners. The trick is to have a sure-fire way to produce perfect roast poultry consistently, quickly and easily. Now Rational has achieved this with its Superspike accessory.

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Test-drive a Rational

12 May 2008

‘The ultimate baking machine’ Fancy test-driving a Rational SelfCooking Center? This next-generation combi has been called the ultimate baking and cooking machine. It saves time, energy and money and bakes food perfectly, every time.   What’s more, it’s a cinch to use.

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The Cooking Machine With The Smell Of Success

25 April 2008

SelfCooking Center® makes it easy for food retailers to cook in front of the customer. Retail outlets are increasingly ‘cooking live’ in front of customers. Get it right and it can generate significant new business, as customers see the ingredients and smell the delicious dishes being prepared. Pies, bread, cakes, bacon rolls, chickens, pizzas – they’ve all got plenty of eye- (and nose) appeal!

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