Northern Ireland Food Waste: dewaterer systems given green light

CESA successfully lobbies NIEA

Foodservice businesses in Northern Ireland are now required to collect their food waste separately. The regulations have been developed by The Northern Ireland Environment Agency (NIEA). As part of the initiative, the Agency had been considering banning food waste dewatering systems. However, following discussions between CESA and NIEA, the Agency re-examined the issue of dewaterers and they will now be permitted in the Province.

“This is good news for both catering operators and suppliers of dewatering systems,” says Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA. “By separating food waste from water, dewaterers provide a valuable service. The solid food waste takes up a much smaller volume, reducing collection costs, and the grey water they produce is safe to be discharged into sewers. “

The NIEA stipulates that the dewatering system must comply with its regulations. For example, systems based on an Archimedes screw or a centrifuge, which reduce volume whilst retaining food waste for collection, are acceptable provided they are configured, operated and maintained in such a way that the capture of food waste is maximised.

“Dewaterers are a ‘green’ solution, so we are delighted their use will continue in Northern Ireland,” says Roberts

The NIEA’s food waste compliancy advice document can be found here, or downloaded from