Work experience at TPW.

An office chair has been filled by me, this week. A teenage, mop topped, work experience student. So, I thought I’d tell you what it’s really like behind closed doors, at The Publicity Works.sam photo

9:57 am. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Lacey’s Farm. But the chances are you’d struggle to find it again. Hidden in a maze of mad and manipulative roads. Surrounded by familiar yet alien surroundings. Anyway, once there at an awkward 10:04 am, I got a proper introduction into the world of public relations, advertising and marketing.

I was plunged straight into the deep end, writing a press release on my first day. This was a good job. However, my phobia of phones meant I was originally anxious to talk to clients. But by the end, I was picking up that phone with pride.  Seriously though, everyone’s nice, friendly – especially the dogs, and I’ve come away having learnt a variety of new words.