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Foodservice PR in splash for Hospice Ethiopia


“Hospice Ethiopia is an incredibly worthy cause,” he says.  “It’s not sexy or trendy, but it’s helping people who are truly desperate.  Ethiopia has a population of 100million.  It has one hospice.  Many thousands of Ethiopians have incurable diseases.  They are dying in distress, often in pain, with nowhere to turn.  Hospice Ethiopia is their only hope.”   

Hospice Ethiopia provides free drugs, so that the dying have relief from pain.  It provides medical attention to alleviate the worst symptoms.  It gives support, so that patients can care for themselves and, in many cases, their children. 

Tim says, “What’s really, really important is that Hospice Ethiopia is training doctors, nurses and other medics about palliative care – care for the dying – so that they can help the thousands more who need it, across Ethiopia.”

Hospice Ethiopia has no government funding.  It needs £70,000 a year to survive.  “It’s not much, in the great scheme of things, but they struggle to get it,” says Tim. 

“All the money raised goes straight to Hospice Ethiopia.  Every penny makes a real difference.  Every donation makes a real difference.  Please, splash your cash!” 

You can donate at: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/timandjohndotheswimathon




Work experience at TPW.

An office chair has been filled by me, this week. A teenage, mop topped, work experience student. So, I thought I’d tell you what it’s really like behind closed doors, at The Publicity Works.sam photo

9:57 am. Now, I don’t know if you’ve ever been to Lacey’s Farm. But the chances are you’d struggle to find it again. Hidden in a maze of mad and manipulative roads. Surrounded by familiar yet alien surroundings. Anyway, once there at an awkward 10:04 am, I got a proper introduction into the world of public relations, advertising and marketing.

I was plunged straight into the deep end, writing a press release on my first day. This was a good job. However, my phobia of phones meant I was originally anxious to talk to clients. But by the end, I was picking up that phone with pride.  Seriously though, everyone’s nice, friendly – especially the dogs, and I’ve come away having learnt a variety of new words.

The casualties of the TPW World Cup Sweepstake

Now the second stage of the World Cup is underway we can see who has won the first sweepstake. Suprisingly 6 of us drew out teams who have progressed passed the group stages, earning a cut of the winnings. The only casualties were Alison with England and Callum with Honduras.

With the record broken for the number of goals scored in the group stages (136 goals registered in the opening phase according to FIFA stats) and current total of 145 according to Yahoo and Eurosport, Toni is out of the running having predicted a tournament total of 137. Which one of us will be next? Apologies to Callum as I think he might be in the running after all with his table-topping, whopping prediction of 188 goals.

As for the Groups draw, we will have to see who holds the trophy on 13th July.


To see our first sweepstake blog post please click here.

Official TPW World Cup Sweepstake

Has Tim picked a winner?We’ve drawn out names, wracked our brains and researched hard…. Must be time for the official TPW office World Cup sweepstake.

Not content with a simple name-out-of-a-hat draw, this year we’ve gone for not one but THREE sweepstakes.


The Tim Man Swimmeth…

 Tim counts the swearbox cashThe day of the Sport Relief swimathon is here, and as part of his final preparations Tim tallies the contents of The Publicity Works charity swear box.

The final figure came to a truly foul-mouthed £77.88 which will be added to the main total as seen on his fundraising page. Donations are still open for anybody moved by the sight of his amazing goggle/specs combo.

Happy Christmas From The Publicity Works

The office will be closed from 4.00pm on Monday 23rd December 2013 and will re-open at 9.00am sharp on Monday 6th January 2014. However, The Publicity Works elves will be checking in every now and again, so if you need us urgently call us on 01263 761000 and leave a message.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


Merry Christmas from all at TPW



Squaring up the Squares

After social media campaigns Norwich’s Anglia Square will host the premiere of Alan Partridge’s new movie Alpha Papa tomorrow. The campaign called for “Anglia Square, not Leicester Square”.

This amusing article from The Mirror pitches Anglia Square up against Leicester Square. “As artistically inspiring as a discarded shopping trolley”, Anglia Square narrowly wins the battle of the Squares and will host the movie premiere tomorrow daytime before Coogan flies off to Leicester Square for a premiere that evening.

We’re looking forward to checking out the movie, which is filmed on location across Norfolk, but no red carpets for us as it will be business as usual at TPW. The movie trailer can be seen here. Enjoy the limelight Norwich….. A      ha!

Welcome, Poppy

TPW are proud to announce a new head of security, Poppy. (more…)

So Long, Spud

We’re very sad to report the death of The Publicity Works’ head of security, Spud, after a short illness.

Eagle-eyed and cold-nosed: TPW's head of security, Spud, in happier times

To be fair he had a tendency to be a bit over-friendly towards visitors, with the exception of the post man. The delivery men would often complain that, while Spud let them in easily enough, he always wanted to spend time with them when they were trying to leave.

So the office is now a wag-free zone. It won’t be the same.