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Plastics – kudos to olive oil supremoes Mother’s Garden

Kudos to our pals at Mother’s Garden, a tiny business in Priorat, Spain, that makes the best olive oil in the world (trust us, we’re in PR). They’ve won loads of awards with it, including the Delia Taste Test. Anyhow, they’ve always been hot on the environment and now they’ve stopped with the (recycled) plastic they had been using, and are going over to tin cans.
It’s bound to be a pain in the neck, especially for such a small company, and will muck up their costings no doubt. They say: “We recognise the urgent need for a reduction in plastic production and waste – David Attenborough, Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth are absolutely right – and so we have made this decision; the Mother’s Garden shipment heading for England this week will be our last using PET1 recyclable plastic containers.” We say, good for them. Go buy some of their oil here.

Football Fandom – it’s a tough job but someone’s got to do it…

It's not all dark days as a football fan

Trying to put a positive spin on the mundane – The trials and tribulations of the PR man that supports a disappointing football team.


‘Wolterton Extravagant’ Raises £12,000 for Hospice Ethiopia


Sue and Jamie Mumford with EphremIt turns out September’s masked ball event was a roaring success. The total sum raised on the night has finally been totted up and we’ve discovered all of that fundraising, wining, dining, and dancing didn’t go to waste – a wondrous £12,000 was raised for Ethiopia’s only hospice.


The Road to Ethiopia…

The Publicity Works is doing work for Hospice Ethiopia, a truly worthwhile cause.  As if the guys running the charity didn’t have enough on their plate, now TPW’s very own Tim Morgan is visiting the country to find out more about the work they are doing.  He’s flying there directly from a (work, honest) trip to the Host show in Milan – which at the very least should give him something of a culture shock.  (more…)

Wolterton Extravagant draws visitors from around the UK to Norfolk

Tickets selling fast for ‘extraordinary’ charity fundraiser on 16 September 2017

Champagne, live classical and rock music, a three course buffet, a ‘dress to impress’ masked dance (masks optional!) and a chance to see one of the greatest houses  in Norfolk…


The Wolterton Extravagant: Trump signs up

“Fabulous” Norfolk charity fundraiser looks to bow-wow its guests

On September 16 2017 one of Norfolk’s great country houses, Wolterton Hall, will open its doors for the Wolterton Extravagant – a charity fundraiser in aid of Hospice Ethiopia.  Alongside a champagne reception, a three-course feast and lots of live entertainment, there’s the chance to win some exclusive prizes.  And Wolterton’s very own Trump is looking to bow-wow guests in a special prize draw.

Trump is a rather beautiful pug.  He had a traumatic start to life but was rescued, as was his sister Coco, by the Hall’s new owners, Peter Sheppard and Keith Day.  Now, as befits the top dog at a magnificent country house, he lives a rather more urbane lifestyle, rubbing shoulders with the great and the good and not above taking a nap on an antique sofa, surrounded by portraits of the Walpoles, who built the Hall back in the 18th century.

Fittingly, Trump cuts a magnificent figure.  Guests at the Extravagant will be invited to guess just how magnificent – with the chance to win an exclusive weekend break on the Wolterton Estate for whomever gets closest to his real weight.

The prize weekend promises to be special.  Peter and Keith are restoring the Hall and its grounds to their former glory.  As part of the project, they are converting a selection of the outlying buildings into luxury holiday cottages – the winners will be amongst the first to visit and will be able to enjoy the rambles through one of Humphrey Repton’s finest landscape designs.

“Trump is an absolute cutie, a real gentleman – certain other Trumps would be much more popular if they took their cue from him,” says Sue Mumford, chair of Hospice Ethiopia UK. “The Extravagant is going to be fabulous – it’s all about having fun while we raise funds for this truly amazing cause.   We’re hoping the ‘Guess the Trump’ game will tickle everyone’s funny bone – and encourage them to put their hand in their pocket, of course!”

The Wolterton Extravagant takes place on September 16 2017, 7.30pm till midnight, and tickets cost £50, which includes champagne and food. There will also be a cash bar, dancing and an auction of promises including holidays, artwork and jewellery. For more information and to buy tickets visit www.hospiceethiopia.org.uk or contact Clare Glenn, 01263 734853 or info@hospiceethiopia.org.uk


More information:

Tim Morgan, The Publicity Works – tim@publicityworks.biz / 01263 761000

Sue Mumford, Hospice Ethiopia UK – info@hospiceethiopia.org.uk / 01263 768699

The Wolterton Extravagant: spectacular Norfolk event to raise funds for Ethiopia charity

“Extraordinary venue” hosts event for Norfolk-based charity bringing hope to thousands

Take one of Norfolk’s great country houses, currently enjoying a multi-million pound renaissance.  Add a Norfolk-based charity that’s bringing hope to thousands in Ethiopia.  Add a group of dedicated volunteers determined to create an unforgettable event that will raise thousands for the cause.  And you have The Wolterton Extravagant.

Why ‘Extravagant’?  “Because it’s going to be different, special and, we hope, extraordinary,” says Sue Mumford, chair of Hospice Ethiopia UK, the charity organising The Wolterton Extravagant.

As patron of the event, Lady Dannatt MBE will be there. She says, “Ethiopia has a population of around 100 million, but only one hospice: Hospice Ethiopia. Its staff work tirelessly to deliver care to the dying. However, what’s really important is the training Hospice Ethiopia is conducting, so that other medics can help many thousands of desperate people, and their families.

“This is an extraordinary venue for what we hope will be an extraordinary event to support an extraordinary charity.”

The Wolterton Extravagant will include a champagne reception, three-course buffet meal, an auction and live music, both classical and rock. There will also be a bar and lots of other entertainments – including the opportunity to buy G&T using the official ‘best gin in the world’, courtesy of Bullards of Norwich.

Wolterton Hall was recently sold by the Walpole family to Peter Sheppard and Keith Day, who are currently restoring it to its former glories.  When they heard about the idea for an event for Hospice Ethiopia, they were only too happy to offer the Hall.  “It’s an amazing building with a wealth of history and beautiful rooms and grounds, including a fabulous marble ballroom,” says Sue. “The restoration is bringing it all back to life, making it the perfect venue for a spectacular event.  We’re so grateful to Peter and Keith.”

The Wolterton Extravagant takes place on September 16 2017, 7.30pm till midnight, and tickets cost £50, which includes champagne and food. For more information and to buy tickets visit hospiceethiopia.org.uk or contact Clare Glenn, 01263 734853 or info@hospiceethiopia.org.uk



The Grauniad downsizes

Sad news that the Guardian is to downsize from its current Berliner format to standard tabloid. I know we’ll get used to it but I really like that larger size – seems just right. But costs are king… They blame falling circulation and the cheaper cost of printing tabloid, plus they say it’ll be more flexible, which I guess means they can produce more supplements about holidays in Cuba and dental hygiene recruitment.

From Algeria to Zimbabwe – an extraordinary route to the Norfolk Coastal Path

Norfolk woman changes career to promote walking and glamping

Ginny Wilson-North in PakistanGinny Wilson-North has followed an odd career path, even by Norfolk standards.  She started out as a hairdresser, running a successful salon, and ended up as a disaster-area rescue worker for RAPID UK, deployed to earthquakes in Iran, Pakistan and Indonesia.  She’s also part of the Red Cross’ psychosocial support team, helping British nationals who’ve been involved in crises overseas, this has taken her to Algeria, Calais and Zimbabwe.  Now her career path’s taken yet another turn: she’s setting up a walking and glamping (glamourous camping) holidays company, specialising in the Norfolk Coastal Path.  (more…)

Foodservice PR in splash for Hospice Ethiopia


“Hospice Ethiopia is an incredibly worthy cause,” he says.  “It’s not sexy or trendy, but it’s helping people who are truly desperate.  Ethiopia has a population of 100million.  It has one hospice.  Many thousands of Ethiopians have incurable diseases.  They are dying in distress, often in pain, with nowhere to turn.  Hospice Ethiopia is their only hope.”   

Hospice Ethiopia provides free drugs, so that the dying have relief from pain.  It provides medical attention to alleviate the worst symptoms.  It gives support, so that patients can care for themselves and, in many cases, their children. 

Tim says, “What’s really, really important is that Hospice Ethiopia is training doctors, nurses and other medics about palliative care – care for the dying – so that they can help the thousands more who need it, across Ethiopia.”

Hospice Ethiopia has no government funding.  It needs £70,000 a year to survive.  “It’s not much, in the great scheme of things, but they struggle to get it,” says Tim. 

“All the money raised goes straight to Hospice Ethiopia.  Every penny makes a real difference.  Every donation makes a real difference.  Please, splash your cash!” 

You can donate at: https://mydonate.bt.com/fundraisers/timandjohndotheswimathon