Breathe In, Breath Out: Precision’s new counters need less space for ventilation


Precision 520 Series counter MCU223 with top

British manufacturer Precision has launched new versions of all its counter refrigeration ranges.  The new models feature several design upgrades plus a major advantage over most other counters on the market: they ‘breathe in and out’ through the front of the cabinet, which means they don’t need extra space for ventilation either to the side or rear.

“The front-venting design is a huge benefit if you have limited space in the kitchen – which most UK kitchens do,” says Nick Williams, managing director of Precision.  “It means our counters can be sited in very compact locations, with no extra ventilation room needed

The counters’ other features include a new stainless steel handle design on both doors and drawers.  It is both ergonomic and hygienic, thanks to its ellipse shape.  The counters also have a new lock system that allows drawers as well as doors to be secured safely.

All Precision counters can be supplied with or without worktops.  They are available as either a fridge or freezer or both: the new ‘Variable Temperature’ format allows users to set the cabinet’s temperature parameters, switching from chilled refrigeration mode to deep freeze at the touch of a button.

Precision counters are manufactured in three ranges.  The 790 Series and 670 Series offer a choice of cabinets in the industry standard 790mm and 670mm widths.  Precision’s 520 Series offers narrower cabinets, just 520mm deep, which are ideal in confined areas and galley-style kitchens.