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FCSI crowns Winterhalter as European Manufacturer of the Year 2015

Award is accolade for company’s radical energy-saving warewash technologiesWinterhalter FCSI Award, from left, Duncan Ackery, Event Chairman; Manuel Rehm, Winterhalter Germany; Andy Blake and David Smithson, Winterhalter UK;  Martin Rahmann President FCSI EAME

Winterhalter has won the prestigious FCSI award for Manufacturer of the Year.  The award was announced at the FCSI EAME (Europe, Africa, Middle East) conference in Madrid.  Judges singled out the company’s energy-efficient PT Series of passthrough warewashers, including the latest model, the ClimatePlus, which not only reduces energy consumption by over 50%, but also acts as a climate controller, pumping cool air into kitchens when the ambient temperature rises above 25°C.  (more…)

Less water, same high performance

Winterhalter rinse system cuts water consumption by 25 to 30% on MTR Series warewashers

When big institutions such as hospitals, universities and large schools are looking to make savings and boost their environmental credentials water consumption can come under scrutiny. Traditionally warewashing has been a big consumer of water, especially in the rinse cycle, but Winterhalter’s latest MTR Series warewashers have an optimised rinse system that lowers fresh water consumption by 25 to 30%. (more…)

VarioPower – cleaner glasses and dishes, fewer breakages, lower costs

Winterhalter feature on UC undercounter warewashers minimises water and energy consumption while maximising cleaning effectiveness

VarioPower adjusts the UC's water pressure

VarioPower is the latest clever warewasher technology from Winterhalter.  It not only saves energy and water, but also protects delicate dishes and glasses and gives better results. 

 As its name suggests, VarioPower varies the water pressure, regulating it to match the products being washed.  It is fitted as standard on all Winterhalter’s UC Series of undercounter dish, glass and utensil washers.  (more…)