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Sanitising warewasher for care homes – and there’s no upfront cost

Winterhalter’s UC machines with thermal disinfection programme available with Pay Per Wash

For care homes, sanitisation is an essential. Winterhalter’s UC undercounter machines are available with a thermal disinfection option – and care homes can now install them under the Pay Per Wash initiative, which means there’s no upfront cost, operators simply pay for each wash as they go along.

The UC is a front-loading machine that’s available in four different sizes, small, medium, large and extra-large. The thermal disinfection wash cycle meets the HMT2030 regulations by washing at 73ºC for 3 minutes, delivering total hygiene control. Using this wash programme, the UC can handle up to 10 racks per hour, with the racks ranging in size from 400x400mm in the small model to 500x540mm in the extra-large. When the thermal disinfection programme is not required, the UC can handle up to 48 racks per hour. Its compact size means it can fit into small kitchens, while its high output means it can wash quickly and effectively. (more…)

St Mary’s takes three

Winterhalter dishwasher, glasswasher and utensil washer help prestigious boarding school maintain highest standards

St Mary's School Ascot owns a suite of Winterhalter warewashersSt Mary’s School Ascot is an independent Roman Catholic boarding school for girls with 400 pupils aged between 11 and 18. The catering team works hard to provide the girls with a high standard of cuisine, with an emphasis on healthy eating. When it was time to refurbish the kitchens they needed a complete warewash system capable of providing consistent results every day.  “We wanted reliability,” says school bursar Giles Brand. “Our consultants recommended Winterhalter.” (more…)

Clean and Green: Winterhalter’s Latest Eco Warewasher

New Winterhalter DeMatik Pi-240 hybrid warewasher has a built-in water treatment system to ensure best possible results without compromising sustainability

New Dematik Pi-240 warewasher has built in water treatment systemWater treatment is essential to ensure the best warewashing results. In the past manufacturers have offered various water treatments, from reverse osmosis (RO) to simple water softeners. Although the combination of RO, chemicals and machine produces outstanding wash results, it can stretch beyond some customers’ budgets and uses more water than simple water softeners. (more…)

Warewasher Adapts to Ethnic Cuisines

Winterhalter undercounter models deliver the best results, whether washing heavily-soiled oily dishes or delicate glassware.

Winterhalter UC models deliver the best resultsWinterhalter has created a range of adaptable warewashers that can change with the business’s needs. The clever UC Series of undercounter warewashers can be configured to give the best results depending on the type and level of soiling on the dishes, saving time, resources and energy without compromising on cleanliness. (more…)

Don’t get steamed up about energy prices

Winterhalter’s UC Energy machines keep warewashing costs down as energy prices rise

Winterhalter Energy UC seriesTraditionally, warewashing has been a huge consumer of resources.  With energy prices expected to rise by some 8% in 2013 (according to MoneyExpert.com) pubs, bars and restaurants will be looking at how to cut their energy bills – especially when it comes to warewashing.

With this in mind Winterhalter developed the UC Energy undercounter dishwasher and glasswasher. It not only offers users substantial savings in energy costs but also improves the working environment around the warewasher, through its innovative use of heat exchange technology. (more…)