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Cooking doesn’t get any more multifunctional than this…

Frima’s fast and versatile VarioCooking Centers will be on show at Lunch! 2017

C25, 21-22nd September 2017, ExCel London.

On stand C25 at Lunch! Frima will be explaining just how quick and easy it is to cook a variety of dishes with the latest multifunctional cooking technology.  Frima’s VarioCooking Center can boil, fry, deep fry and confit, replacing griddles, kettles, bratt pans, large pots and fryers.  Alongside all its cooking processes it can also slow cook overnight and fast cook under pressure.  It takes the concept of multifunctionality to a new level, says the company – as visitors to the Show will be able to find out for themselves.


FRIMA launches new Dynamic VarioCooking Center

New option allows VarioCooking Center to operate with reduced power

FRIMA's new Dynamic option is available on all VarioCooking Center Multificiency modelsSome commercial kitchens have restricted power supplies, which can cause issues with heavy duty equipment. Now FRIMA has launched Dynamic, an option for its market leading VarioCooking Center multifunctional cooking appliance. It reduces the unit’s connected load with only minimal impact on performance.

The Dynamic option carefully optimises power usage. It is available for all models in the VarioCooking Center range, and allows them to operate with a significantly lower wattage than standard versions.


Good things come in small packages

FRIMA shows compact, multifunctional 112T at Casual Dining 2015, 25 – 26 February Stand G15 The BDC, London

FRIMA's new compact VarioCooking Center Multificiency 112TThose cooking in kitchens where space is limited but expectations high are always looking for equipment that offers big functions in a small footprint. FRIMA’s compact VarioCooking Center Multificiency 112T on Stand G15 offers the solution to this conundrum.

The 112T is a tabletop version of the full-size FRIMA VarioCooking Center Multificiency. It’s a multifunction cooking appliance, which allows chefs to boil, grill, fry, low temperature cook and deep fry, precisely and easily, all in one unit. It’s up to four times as fast, and saves up to 40% in energy, compared to conventional appliances.


Samsung transforms Lloyd’s chefs’ attitudes to commercial microwave ovens

Flagship oven surprises kitchen staff in iconic building

Samsung CM1929 microwave_7154Andrew Biggs is head chef for contract caterer Elior at one of London’s most iconic buildings, Lloyd’s at One Lime Street.  Recently a Samsung microwave CM1929 was installed, for use in the busy pastry section.  However, it’s been a hit with the rest of the kitchen too. 


Familiar Face For FRIMA

Graham Kille looks to transform the buzz around the VarioCooking Center® MULTIFICIENCY®

Graham Kille of FRIMA UKFRIMA has appointed Graham Kille to head its UK operations.  Graham is a familiar face in the foodservice market, having worked for Rational UK for the last 11 years covering many different roles, most recently as a regional sales director. He also knows the operator side of the catering industry, working as a chef in a wide variety of venues, from hospitals to top London hotels.


FRIMA’s VarioCooking Center multificiency is ready for use again in less than five minutes

Fast cleaning means quick turnarounds

FRIMA - quick, easy and safe cleaningCleaning cooking equipment, either ready for the next batch of food, or at the end of a busy day, is an integral part of running a successful catering operation. It’s essential for food hygiene, taste and quality. Ultimately an establishment will be judged by cleanliness in the kitchen.



New British-Developed Grill: faster, safer, more energy efficient – and the food tastes better

Synergy 900 is ‘a major advance,’ says Active Food Systems

The new Synergy 900 Grill from Active Food SystemsA new British-manufactured grill aims to change the way commercial kitchens operate.  The Synergy 900 saves energy, improves flavour and cooks faster compared to conventional grills.  Plus, cleaning is simple since the burner technology means there is no fat or fat tray to deal with.  (more…)

Perfect fit

Non-standard refrigeration for non-standard venues: The 520 Series from Precision Refrigeration

Not all kitchens are standard so refrigeration equipment needs to reflect that. British manufacturer Precision Refrigeration’s 520 Series of counter refrigerators are perfect for confined areas and galley-style kitchens. The 520 Series is now also available as a variable temperature unit, that can switch between chilled or freezer storage. (more…)

Preventing Slips and Trips – the CESA Guide

CESA’s new, free guide shows caterers how to get to grips with slips and trips

CESA has published a guide for caterers on preventing slips and trips

Of all the accidents that occur in the UK, slips and trips are the most common, forming over a third of reported major injuries.  It’s a particular issue in the hospitality industry, for both staff and guests, in just about every area of operation.  For example, in commercial kitchens grease, flour and water form serious potential hazards, while in public areas spills can cause problems in all sorts of situations, from changing rooms in leisure centres to bars in pubs, restaurants and hotels. 

Now CESA, the Catering Equipment Suppliers Association, has produced a Guide to Slips and Trips.  It’s designed to explain the law, including caterers’ legal responsibilities, and to tell operators how to assess the risk in their establishment.  (more…)