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Xmas drinks: keeping ice clean this Christmas

Hubbard Systems offers advice on ice hygiene for the festive season

Christmas puts pressure on staff, but when it comes to ice for all those Christmas cocktails they need to keep cleanliness in mind; especially with media scare stories highlighting the problem of dirty ice.  Ice is a food and looking after it hygienically is a food safety issue.  However, the ice experts at Hubbard Systems, UK distributor for Scotsman icemakers, say keeping ice clean is relatively easy.  (more…)

TPW countdown to Christmas with the ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’

Photo from EDP

Photo from EDP24

Here at TPW HQ we’re always looking for different ways to countdown to the festive period and this year we’ve chosen to support our local Foodbank with their ‘Reverse Advent Calendar’.

Rather than receiving a daily treat in the run up to Christmas, you add an item to a box each day, from toiletries to kitchen cupboard staples. The full box is then taken to the nearest Foodbank in time to be distributed to those in need before Christmas.

If you wish to get involved, contact your local Foodbank for more information and details of what to donate each day.

A Very Caffeine Christmas

SCA P under-counter grounds disposalUse Schaerer’s flavour point system to mix up some seasonal treats

With Christmas fast approaching, caterers looking for a cost effective way to expand their seasonal coffee menu should consider the flavour point system from Schaerer, available in the UK through Caffeine Limited.

Schaerer’s Coffee Art bean-to-cup machines allow operators to produce barista quality coffee at the touch of a screen. The Flavour Point unit is an optional bolt-on that attaches seamlessly to the range, and is capable of holding four different bottles of syrup or alcohol to flavour drinks. This allows operators to create special drinks by programming specific mixtures of syrup, milk and coffee. Up to 40 beverages can be programmed into the Schaerer machines, including chocolate and cold drinks, so operators can quickly change their coffee menu to feature seasonal specials.


The Christmas Ice Experts:

Hubbard offers hotels advice on Christmas ice

hubbards-scotsman-mxg-is-perfect-for-hotels-christmas-ice-needsChristmas is one of the busiest times of year for hotels, with parties and events causing spikes in custom on top of the overall higher numbers of guests. Having a steady supply of ice provides extra peace of mind that there’ll be no problems meeting the increase in demand.

Busy hotels can benefit from modular machines – perfect for high volume ice production. Hubbard’s Scotsman MXG range of modular ‘supercuber’ ice machines combine productivity, reliability and ease-of-use, with aesthetic-appeal and quieter operation. The MXG models offer high production with one unit capable of producing up to 410kg of gourmet ice per 24 hours, on a global standard footprint.


Christmas Special: Chocolaty Christmas Cocktail from FEM

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Fury blender meets festive cocktail demand

fems-hamilton-beach-commercial-blenders-are-perfect-for-making-christmas-chocolate-cocktailsWhen Christmas and New Year’s parties are in full swing it’s essential that busy bars are able to quickly make and serve high-quality drinks. Cocktail blenders need to be fast and reliable, especially at these busy times, when the orders are coming thick and fast over the bar. FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Fury drinks blender is the ideal solution to meet the Christmas rush.

FEM’s Fury blender features Hamilton Beach’s Wave~Action™ System  which uses the specially designed container and blades to continuously force the contents down onto the blades for smooth, thoroughly-blended, consistent results, time after time. This makes the Fury the perfect solution for blending up a refreshingly indulgent ‘Chocolate Elephant’ cocktail, alongside a host of other festive tipples. (more…)

Happy Christmas From The Publicity Works

The office will be closed from 4.00pm on Monday 23rd December 2013 and will re-open at 9.00am sharp on Monday 6th January 2014. However, The Publicity Works elves will be checking in every now and again, so if you need us urgently call us on 01263 761000 and leave a message.

We wish you a very Merry Christmas and look forward to working with you in the New Year.


Merry Christmas from all at TPW



MTR: Big bonus for Banquet Clean Up

Winterhalter MTR multi tank rack conveyor warewasherWinterhalter’s MTR dishwasher makes the Christmas banquet clean up easier and faster.

Big Christmas banquets create mountains of dirty dishes, glasses, crockery and cookware. Clearing and washing up post-banquet can be a huge task, with the requirements varying from one commercial kitchen to another.  Winterhalter’s MTR range of rack conveyor dishwashers enable banquet caterers to turn around dirty plates and glasses quickly and easily, whilst also saving energy, costs and resources. (more…)

‘Tis the Season to be Rational

Rational’s SelfCookingCenter® whitefficiency® installs a Christmassy upgrade

There’s nothing like the sound of Christmas to put you in the festive mood and, thanks to a new software update, Rational’s SelfCookingCenter whitefficiency does exactly that. The buzzer that indicates to chefs when their food is ready can now be set to play Christmas songs. (more…)

Five ways to keep your glass and dishwasher in top form over the Christmas rush

British warewasher manufacturer Classeq offers advice

There’s no getting away from the fact that Christmas is the busiest time of the year in the hospitality industry. Both staff and machines are working overtime and any weak
points in the operation will soon crack under the pressure. It pays to take a few moments to check out vital equipment to ensure there won’t be any hitches in the festive service. (more…)

The ice-ing on the Christmas cake!

Christmas ice checklist from Ice-O-Matic

Pubs and bars are going to see a soar in trade as customers celebrate the festive season. The ice machine will be working overtime so it needs to be reliable and up to the job. Classeq, which supplies Ice-O-Matic ice machines to the hospitality sector, has put together a checklist to help ensure ice and drinks continue to flow during Christmas and the New Year. (more…)