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PFS: attracting, retaining and training staff – CESA maps out the fundamentals

New training initiative explains Principles of Food Service to newcomers to the industry

The catering industry is suffering from a skills shortage and the need to recruit more staff.  Brexit is likely to increase this pressure.  What’s needed is a way to encourage people to enter the industry and, once here, to quickly pick up the basics and build a career.  That’s why CESA has launched the Principles of Food Service (PFS) training initiative.  It aims to give newcomers the knowledge they need to understand the industry, to help them make the most of their career choice – and to help them start making a positive contribution.

The new training initiative has been born out of the success of the Certified Food Service Professional (CFSP) scheme, launched and run by CESA in conjunction with the University of West London.


From waste to warranties: CFSP Enhance seminar enhances industry knowledge

Plus – the launch of PFS, delivering the fundamentals of foodservice knowledge

The first CFSP Enhance seminar took place on June 29th at the First Choice Group conference facility, Blakeney Way, Kingswood Lakeside, Cannock WS11 8LD.

CFSP Enhance is designed to build on the knowledge gained through the CFSP programme, bringing graduates up to speed on the latest industry issues.  The first CFSP Enhance seminar was attended by 80 CFSP graduates.  The key presentation was led by foodservice consultant Doug Fryett, who covered areas as diverse as warranties and food waste.  He also touched on topics including FOG (fats, oil and grease), legal requirements for gas and electricity, and the pains of running a foodservice operation.  (more…)

CFSP Enhance Seminar looks at trending issues facing kitchen operators and equipment suppliers

2017 event covers areas as diverse as health and safety and customer rights

The 2017 CFSP summer seminar will look at the issues currently dominating the minds of the foodservice supply chain, including health and safety, legal requirements on gas and electricity, and food safety certification.  It will also cover areas of concern to both operators and suppliers, such as the difference between warranties and guarantees, understanding contracts and customer rights, plus it will take a look at recent research into the pains that foodservice operators face on a daily basis – and what can be done about them.

The seminar is part of the CFSP Enhance project and is open to anyone who has completed the Certified Food Service Professional accreditation programme.  It will also count towards increasing an individual’s CFSP rating to gold or platinum.


CFSP awards at The Great Hospitality Show 2017

Glenn Roberts, chair of CESA, presented awards to the latest group of CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) alumni during The Great Hospitality Show 2017.

“There are now well over 400 CFSP-accredited foodservice executives in the UK,” he said.  “The programme is gathering momentum and is raising the professionalism of the industry – not only in this country, but also abroad.  CFSP-accreditation gives credibility as well as knowledge, to both the individual and their organisation.”


The catering equipment Knowledge @ Hospitality 2017

CESA offers expertise and an extensive knowledge database – as well as free copies of its latest equipment guides

PLUS: Innovation Zone spotlights latest technologies

CESA is on stand 140, The Great Hospitality Show, NEC Birmingham, 23-25 January 2017

the-ecodesign-and-energy-labelling-guide-part-of-cesas-knowledge-databaseHow do you work out what size fridge you need?  What’s the capacity of an undercounter warewasher?  What sort of cookware do you need with induction?  Just what are, or is, MEPS?  If you’ve got a catering equipment question, head for the CESA stand at The Great Hospitality Show, where the Association will be sharing its knowledge database.  With over 180 member companies, CESA is the leading foodservice equipment trade association and has a wealth of expertise to draw on.  It’s offering this expertise as a practical resource for foodservice operators – for example, the new CESA website includes sections populated with guides and ‘how to’ articles.


CFSP helps catering equipment suppliers ‘raise their game’

Two new courses build business through excellence in customer relations


CESA has expanded the CFSP programme with the launch of two new training modules, both aimed primarily at catering equipment suppliers and both tailored specifically to the foodservice market.

The Sales Relationship Management course lasts two days and focuses on ways for sales professionals to enhance client relationships by integrating product knowledge into their work.  It is aimed at account managers, project managers and other personnel who interact directly with customers.


CESA exports CFSP to mainland Europe

Austrian course pushes number of CFSP graduates past the 200 mark

Candidates on CESA's first mainland Europe CFSP course in Austria, January 2013CESA has just completed the first CFSP course to run on mainland Europe.  CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) is the professional foodservice qualification designed to give graduates an holistic understanding of the way commercial kitchens operate.  The course was run in Lienz, Austria, for Liebherr Commercial Refrigeration.  It attracted fourteen candidates from seven countries, including Singapore, Canada and Russia, eleven of whom passed.


Fiona is now certified

We are pleased to announce TPW’s very own Fiona has successfully completed her CFSP (Certified Food Service Professional) qualification. (more…)

The CESA Light Equipment & Tableware Forum 2012

Catering For Innovation

25th April 2012, Barcelo Hotel, Daventry

Two themes dominated the 2012 CESA Light Equipment and Tableware Forum.   On the business side, it was all about buoyancy: every exhibitor reported good sales, several said they had enjoyed record growth in recent months.  On the product side, the theme was the big demand for different options for serving food.  Suppliers are responding with a wave of innovative ideas using materials such as wood, slate, copper and steel – as well as glass and china.