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Calorie counting or just can’t choose?

7 February 2013

New Camwear® polycarbonate mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM). Mini desserts offer a solution for those wanting lighter dessert options, taster portions or a variety of desserts. New Camwear mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) also cut costs as the polycarbonate glasses are break-resistant and reduce the need for checking for imperfections.

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New honeycomb design washes and stores 20% more glasses in the same size racks

14 March 2012

FEM launches space-saving Camrack Honeycomb Compartment glass washing and storage racks Handling breakable items such as glasses for washing, transporting and subsequent storage is a delicate part of kitchen operations. Not only does glassware require careful handling but it also takes up a significant amount of storage space and needs to be kept spotlessly clean.

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