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Camduction: new solution for hot tray line systems enhances quality, safety and speed

19 March 2018

FEM launches clever variation of heated pellet system Maintaining the quality of the food served to patients on the wards is an ongoing issue for hospital caterers.  Now FEM has launched Camduction, a new idea from USA manufacturer Cambro.  It’s a clever variation of the heated pellet system that offers speed, enhanced staff safety and an eminently practical solution for hot tray line operations. The Camduction complete heat system uses a charging station that can heat up 20 pellets at...

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Cambro’s new front loading food transportation box

21 February 2018

FEM’s Cambro UPC300, compact and convenient, is effortless to use FEM has launched the new UPC300, a front loading, insulated food transport box which provides caterers with versatility and convenience. The UPC300 features a gasket-free door. This swings wide open to allow the caterer easy access to the pans inside, which are held firmly in place during transportation. The UPC300 can accommodate sizes from GN 1/1 to GN 1/3 and holds up to three GN 1/1 10cm deep pans.  A...

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Raising the bar with the new High Heat X Pans.

28 September 2017

Cambro High Heat X-Pans from FEM cut handling time and increase flexibility for caterers FEM has introduced the new Cambro High Heat X-Pans, designed to increase flexibility and reduce handling time by allowing caterers to prep, store, heat and serve in one pan. Caterers can use them for prepping food and then place them straight in the freezer or directly into a hot oven. The High Heat X-Pans cater for temperatures ranging from -40° to 190°C).

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Popular food transporting solution now even more functional

24 May 2017

FEM launches two new smaller sizes to popular Cam GoBoxes range Launched to the UK market by FEM last year, Cambro EPP Cam GoBoxes have been extremely popular. Now, FEM is launching two new half-sized, top-loading models, set to bring the affordable, practical and efficient insulated food transporting solution to even more operators. Manufactured by Cambro, the specialist supplier of quality equipment for foodservice, the Cam GoBoxes are perfect for operators looking for a food transporting solution that delivers on...

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