Get toasting – up to 2200 buns per hour

Prince Castle mini slimline vertical contact toaster from FEM is fast and space saving

Bun toasters are an essential part of a restaurant’s armoury when it comes to serving the ever-popular burgers, hog roasts and layered veggie options. FEM has introduced the Prince Castle mini slimline contact toaster with a wire belt designed to speed up bun toasting while taking up much less counter space than other toasters with similar outputs.

The Prince Castle slimline toaster has an adjustable variable speed motor, which allows speeds of up to 2200 buns per hour. A special two-level platen design means operators can toast thicker bun crowns and thinner bun heels at the same time significantly simplifying and speeding up production.

Toast times can be varied between 9 to 40 seconds and buns up to 5.5 inches in diameter can be accommodated. Dual compression adjustment knobs allow flexibility for different types and thicknesses of buns. A digital display and electronic controls make for precise and repeatable settings.

For easy and safe use, the toaster is fitted with a heat shield to ensure cooler surfaces, while the simple-to-remove conveyor makes cleaning quick and easy. With a size of just 514mm (w) x 184mm (d) x 559mm high the toaster draws a power of 1.5kW.  Three conveyor options are offered:  wire, silicone, and stainless steel pleated belt.