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The cutting edge of tomato prep

FEM’s new Saber Edge Tomato Slicer – a small gadget that makes a big difference to food prep

FEM has launched the new Prince Castle Saber Edge Tomato Slicer, which, like its larger siblings the Tomato Saber and Saber King, makes preparing fresh ingredients quicker and easier.

The Saber Edge Tomato Slicer is a manual food prep tool which saves kitchen staff time and labour. It’s easy to use – one quick downward stroke is all it takes to slice a tomato into 6.35mm slices. The slices then remain on the top of the slicer so that they can be removed without damage. (more…)

Light Saber King

FEM supplies the Prince Castle Saber King – making light-work of food prep.

Prince Castle Saber King from FEMFresh ingredients prepared on site are more cost-effective and tastier, but preparing them can be labour-intensive and time-consuming.

FEM has recently launched the Prince Castle Saber King, a manual food prep tool which saves kitchen staff time and labour, and makes the preparation of fresh fruit and vegetables quick, easy and safe. (more…)

Hold while the heat’s on

Holding bins keep food in perfect condition, with no loss of quality

Prince Castle Holding Bin keeps food fresh and hotHolding bins allow operators to prepare menu components in advance and store them until an order is received. The food remains hot and fresh, helping increase the speed of service while maintaining quality.

FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is bringing holding bins made by US manufacturer Prince Castle to the UK. These can hold food in perfect condition for over an hour, with no loss of flavour, texture or shrinkage. (more…)

FEM Celebrates 20th Anniversary

‘Can do’ approach fosters success and long-term relations with suppliers, distributors and staff. 

Jim Doherty left and Harry Hogan founded FEM in 1993July 4th 1993, a small office in Glasgow.  The phone rings.  Two men look at each other across the desk.  It rings again.  A hand picks up the receiver.  “Hello, this is FEM.  How can I help you?”  As it happens, it was the BT engineer, but it’s significant because it was the first ever call to Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), which celebrates its twentieth anniversary in 2013.

Back then the company employed two people – the founders, Harry Hogan and Jim Doherty.  It looked after one brand, Vollrath.  It had 3,000 square feet of warehouse space. (more…)