Energy-efficient ice machines for low-cost ice production

FEM supplies Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines for energy efficient ice production

Ice has become an essential in foodservice operations, from storage and display purposes to a pre-requisite of most cocktails and mocktails popular with today’s consumers. However, customers don’t regard ice as something they should pay extra for, so it’s up to operators to find ice-making equipment that isn’t going to guzzle up loads of energy and going to cost a fortune to run.

The next generation of Manitowoc Indigo NXT ice machines from FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) offers a whole new level of energy efficiency. The Indigo NXT models are among the most efficient cuber ice machines on the market today, being up to 43% more energy efficient than previous models with the same footprint. Environmentally friendly R410A refrigerant is incorporated in most models to cut global warming potential significantly. These modular units are available air cooled as standard producing either dice or half-dice cubes.

Programmable ice production and scheduling – including documenting ice volume, the on/off time and bin level – help reduce the day to day running costs of operation by reducing water consumption as well as energy use.

Alongside energy saving, the Indigo NXT models are easy to use saving staff time and cutting down the chances of errors. An easy-touch display provides the full operating status of the ice machine at all times, as well as giving step-by-step cleaning instructions and provides a start-up wizard. It also has the added advantage of being able to automatically begin ice production again after cleaning, unlike many other models on the market. A front-facing evaporator allows easy access to the food zone (ice producing area), without removing the top or side covers, and an optional integrated advanced sanitation solution, Luminice II, keeps food zone cleaner longer.

The modular NXT ice machines pair up with Manitowoc’s ice storage D bins, which have a hinged lid that swings open for easy access and house an ergonomic scoop designed to keep the thumb and knuckles from touching the ice.

The largest NXT Series model, the iT1900, can produce up to 828kg in 24 hours, and works in tandem with the D970 ice storage bin, which can hold up to 322kg. The smallest NXT is the i300, which measures 762mm wide by 662mm deep and 419mm tall, delivering 141kg in 24 hours and is used with the D400 ice storage bin, which holds up to 131kg of ice.

The Manitowoc Ice Indigo NXT Series has a warranty of five years parts and labour on the evaporator, plus five years parts and three years labour on the compressor, and three years parts and labour on all other components.