Sex up the bar with a thriller chiller

Parsley in Time showcases thrilling bar concept, plus new tableware designs

Restaurant Show, stand GJ10, London Olympia, 27-29 September

It adds drama to the bar, it chills glasses to -40°C in seconds, it destroys bacteria that can taint the glass, and it looks as cool as it works.  Parsley in Time will introduce the latest Thrill Chiller at Restaurant 2021 on stand GJ10, right next to the main entrance to the show.  The company plans to demonstrate the machine to show how it not only brings excitement to the bar, but also gives customers the perfectly cool, hygienically clean glass.

The Thrill uses carbon dioxide to chill and sanitise the glass.  The bartender simply pops the glass over the Thrill dispenser, which blasts CO2 into it for a few seconds, and the job is done.  It minimises emissions as it uses just 5g of CO2 per second – the same amount as in a human breath, and about 70% less than conventional CO2 glass chillers.

The spectacle as the Thrill works adds a theatrical flourish to any serve.  The chiller can be used with all types of glasses as well as other barware, such as shakers.  It’s ideal to use with cocktails, beers and chilled wines.  It also reduces or eliminates the need for ice, which not only saves the operator costs, but also enhances the drink as there’s no dilution.

With hygiene more of a focus than ever before, the Thrill’s ability to kill 88% of the bacteria found on glassware will add to its appeal.  It will also add to customer enjoyment, as the bacteria it destroys can cause odours or unpleasant aftertastes, spoiling the drink.

The Thrill machine is a compact unit that will fit on any bar.  It’s available in a variety of different and attractive models, in both counter-top and drop-in formats.

Elsewhere on the Parsley in Time stand visitors will be able to check out the latest designs and concepts in tableware and glassware, from the industry’s leading suppliers. This includes fine bone china from Royal Crown Derby, the best in casual dining crockery from DPS Tableware and beautiful fine crystal glassware from Elia to name just a few.


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