FEM offers advice on takeaway delivery options

Keeping food safe requires specialist equipment – but it needn’t be expensive

With more high street foodservice operators focusing on takeaway and delivered meals, there’s a need for advice on the equipment and methods required to keep food safely, both when holding it and during transportation.  FEM has considerable expertise in these areas and has put together some basic information for restaurants and pubs who are making the switch.

The information can be found on FEM’s blog at fem.co.uk.  It looks at the various options available for safe home delivery and includes information on the relevant products that are available, in stock, from FEM’s warehouse.

For example, delivery bags such as the Cambro GoBags are suitable for all types of delivery service, since they are light enough to carry on foot or bike, yet use high density insulation to ensure food stays hot.   Look for ones made of a nylon fabric that’s machine washable, making hygiene easier.

Insulated boxes can keep food hotter for longer, and they don’t need to be expensive.  There are several ranges on the market made from EPP (Expanded Polypropylene) which is a highly effective insulating foam that’s also eco-friendly.  For example, FEM’s Cambro GoBoxes are ultra-lightweight yet can keep food hot (or chilled) for hours at a time.  A 16.9 litre top-loading GoBox, designed to hold ½ GN pans, has a list price of just under £35.

FEM is planning more advice pieces focusing on other aspects of takeaway provision, such as holding bins and heated ovens that will keep cooked hot food in peak condition before it is sent out for delivery.

Check the FEM blog for the latest news and advice.