We’re not kidding about

We love the North Norfolk coast and so do goats. They are back on the cliffs at Cromer for their summer hols. But they don’t sit back and rest when they are at the seaside. The tough vegetation on the cliffs is particularly tasty to goats so that’s what they spend their summer doing. Munching!

Nine nannies and ten kids have arrived from a shift at Kelling Heath.  The breed is the Bagot goat, believed to be Britain’s oldest breed of goat developed in the English lowlands. They  are very hardy and easy to tame. This herd first came to Cromer in 2016, when eight goats began the task of keeping the cliff habitat under control.

They’ve proved popular with visitors and residents. You can usually find their whereabouts on the cliff by following your nose!

For full article and video of goats click here. (The picture is courtesy of NNDC)