Espresso Hygiene: Schaerer solves the milk system cleaning issue

Caffeine says radical, eco-friendly disposable system is a ‘game-changer’

SONY DSCFresh milk is the best thing for taste and foam texture in espresso-based drinks. On the other hand, it’s amongst the worst when it comes to hygiene. Until now, bean-to-cup coffee machines that incorporate a fresh milk system have been a real challenge for staff when it comes to cleaning. Milk can clog pipes creating odours and bacteria, and it requires expensive, powerful and unpleasant chemicals for thorough cleaning.

Now Caffeine has launched a new milk system, the NC (no-clean) Foamer, developed by Schaerer, which is eco-friendly and needs no nasty chemicals. In fact, it’s also cheaper than a single dose of the chemicals used to clean a traditional system.

The key to the new system is that it’s disposable. Designed for use in the popular Schaerer Coffee Prime range of bean-to-cup espresso machines, at the end of each shift the operator simply opens the door, unclips the NC Foamer and disposes of it. It’s fully biodegradable and HACCP-compliant. The next day they simply clip in a fresh one.

“What used to be a horrible end-of-shift task is now a cinch,” says Justin Stockwell, managing director of Caffeine Limited. “The fact that there’s no need to use powerful cleaning chemicals is a big plus for staff health and safety, too. The system is truly radical, it’s a game-changer.”

The Coffee Prime makes up to 100 espressos or 70 cappuccinos per hour and features a touch-screen control. The superiority of espresso drinks is guaranteed by fine adjustment controls, to ensure the perfect beverage, and features such as air pump technology, which delivers consistent milk foam quality.

A single NC Foamer costs around 60p. List prices for the Coffee Prime, with the Fresh Milk Fridge, start from £6,500. All Schaerer models are backed by a comprehensive 12 month parts and labour warranty and they are available through Caffeine Limited’s national network of distributors.

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