Super Form and Function

Vollrath Super Pan 3 system from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM)

Stainless steel gastronorm pans are versatile, hardwearing and hygienic. However, they are renowned for being hard to lift without damage. To overcome this Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) has introduced Vollrath Super Pan 3 gastronorm pans with flattened pan edges and a patented angled ramp to make it easier to grasp the pan for removal.

No more prying the pans out with tools that can cause marred or bent edges. The fit and the superior thermal transfer properties of the pans lock in heat, reduce heat loss and minimize food safety risks. Saving up to 38 percent on energy costs, when compared to a competitor’s pan with bent edges.

The pans’ specially designed reinforced corners add strength where gastronorm pans get most abuse, making them hardwearing and long-lasting. They also prevent spillages and mess when pouring. The pans have anti-jam stacking lugs making them easy to store, separate and dry without any hassle or sticking.

The Super Pan 3 system is available in a wide range of sizes and styles: stainless steel, perforated stainless steel, stainless steel with a non-stick coat and high- and low-temperature polycarbonate. So there is a pan to suit all requirements. Vollrath’s system approach makes the pans interchangeable and easy to store together.

Each has an integral frame to enhance food presentation and all pans meet gastronorm (EN 631-1) standards for worldwide use.

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