Gaggia: Back to Black

Whichever way you look at it, the Deco Black Line makes great coffee

Gaggia has launched a new version of its top of the range Deco espresso machine.  The Black Line combines vintage lines with advanced technology and a smart black steel fascia.  Offered in both manual and electronic versions, the new machine’s design is ergonomic and practical, and as well as making great coffee it looks stunning – from both the front and the back. 

The Gaggia range is marketed in the UK by Watermark and is available through distributors nationwide. 

The Deco Black Line has several innovative features, including independent water flow adjustment and electronic heating systems for each group head, which combine to give baristas full control of the brewing so they can create the perfect cup of coffee.  Meanwhile the ‘Powersteam’ wand automatically froths milk to the desired temperature.

Good examples of the practical features that make the Deco easy to live with include the stainless steel boiler, which features a removable flange for easy inspection, and the sloped filter holders that give greater ‘grip comfort’. 

When it comes to looking good, the Deco is in a field of its own.  From the front its clean lines and art-deco design combine with simple controls to look stylish and striking.  However, Gaggia hasn’t forgotten that many coffee shops have the rear of the coffee machine facing the customer, so the back of the Deco Black Line has a smart steel plate, an attractive Gaggia metallic logo and a discrete, sophisticated blue lighting feature. 

The Black Line is available in a choice of three sizes, with from two to four group heads.  The middle unit, with three group heads, is 985mm wide, has a 21 litre boiler, can dispense up to six espressos at once and can produce up to 350 shots (each of 150cc)  per hour. 

The Deco Black Line comes with a 12 months parts and labour warranty and is backed by Watermark’s Gaggia Quality Team.  This nationwide, comprehensive after-sales support service has a 97% first time fix rate and a response time of less than five hours for emergency calls.