It’s The Ice Machine That Thinks

FEM launches the New Manitowoc Indigo advanced ice machine

Foodservice Equipment Marketing launches the new Manitowoc Indigo advanced ice machine

Concerns over ice hygiene and energy consumption have led manufacturers to look carefully at ice machine design. Manitowoc has responded by launching the Indigo Series ice makers that are fitted with advanced diagnostics to ensure the utmost purity of the ice with the minimum energy use. The Indigo Series is now available in the UK through Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM).

The new Indigo ice makers constantly monitor all aspects of ice production 24 hours a day, highlighting machine status and any problems on a clear, easy to read display screen. Through IceConnect USB and RS485 communication ports the Indigo can transmit data on ice production, energy usage, water usage, and servicing, allowing for detailed analysis of every aspect of the machine. This type of data can predict potential problems and suggest remedial action, saving lengthy downtimes and reducing the need to call engineers.

Status and required action are displayed in words on the screen, with multiple language choices, making it easy to read and interpret without referring to a manual. Simple prompts for things like adding sanitiser or checking the filters keep the machine functioning at optimal performance. The blue backlit display is clear to read whether in dimly lit basements or bright kitchens.

The new Indigo Series cuts energy costs by, for example, allowing the user to schedule ice production levels by time of day, to take advantage of night-time electricity rates, or day of week to keep pace with varying demand.

A new patented Luminice growth inhibitor reduces bacteria, mould and yeast in the food zone to keep the ice pure and uncontaminated.

For consistency of ice production, ice sensing technology measures ice thickness and water conditions and adjusts accordingly. An ice clarity feature regulates the water usage to improve quality in hard water areas.  Meanwhile a sensing probe constantly monitors the incoming water quality and provides alerts if it needs attention.

All this, and the Indigo Series produces ice at the touch of a single button.

FEM can supply all models in the Indigo Series from the smallest Indigo 300, with a production capacity of 141kg of ice cubes per day, to the big Indigo 1070C with an output of 431kg per day.

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