The ice is right

Classeq offers advice on choosing ice that’s fit for purpose


Ice machines produce ice in a variety of shapes and sizes, but many users don’t appreciate that not all ice is suitable for the same application. What’s great for cocktails isn’t necessarily the best for blended drinks. Would-be purchasers of ice machines need to be clear what they will be using the ice for, so they make the correct choice of ice and get the right machine for the job.

Classeq, which supplies Ice-O-Matic ice makers, has put together a list of the five main types of ice and their properties to help caterers and restaurateurs decide what will be best for their requirements.

Half Cube (aka Half Dice): This small, easy-to-handle ice is perfect for blended drinks because it breaks down easily and creates a smoother finish.

Full Cube:  A long-lasting larger cube that looks good in drinks and cocktails. It’s also ideal for large-volume applications like bagging and bulk cooling.

Gourmet Cube: These cylindrical-shaped, crystal-clear cubes enhance any drink and are especially suitable for upmarket drinks in fine dining restaurants, receptions and conventions.

Pearl Ice: Soft and chewable, pearl ice dispenses smoothly and displaces liquid better than cubes. It’s great for smoothies and other soft drinks.

Flake Ice: The best ice for maintaining hydration and extending shelf life and appearance of seafood, fresh fruits and vegetables. It’s also ideal for use in bakeries and perishable food transport.

Classeq can supply an Ice-O-Matic machine for each of these ice types. The Ice-O-Matic machines are robustly built using rust-resistant stainless steel, fingerprint-proof plastic trims and premium quality components. All use an AgION® antimicrobial compound in key foodzone areas to reduce slime and bacterial growth inside the machine ensuring high quality, crystal clear ice at all times.

There is an Ice-O-Matic machine to suit all requirements and ice demands, ranging from small, undercounter machines suitable for staff rooms, cafeterias and bars to large-capacity machines that can produce and store a large quantity of ice.

Ice-O-Matic ice machines are manufactured by Scotsman Industries Group and are distributed in the UK by Classeq, part of the Winterhalter UK group. The Ice-O-Matic range includes the ICE Series cube ice machines, which make premium quality cube and half cube ice; flake ice machines, producing high quality flake ice suitable for medical use or for presentation and preservation of fresh meat, poultry and fish, and, pearl ice machines, producing soft, chewable ice crystals. Ice-O-Matic machines are available as modular machines with separate storage bins or as self-contained machines with inbuilt storage.