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Understanding the sous vide and slow cooking revolution

5 April 2017

CESA event looks at sous vide, low temperature and the latest slow cooking technologies Westminster Kingsway College, London SW1, May 17, 9am till 3pm It’s no understatement to say that the slow cooking technologies developed in recent years are revolutionising the way commercial kitchens operate.  ‘Understanding the Sous Vide Revolution’ is a CESA event that combines a comprehensive conference speaker programme, featuring leading chefs, operators and technical experts, with live demonstrations and the opportunity to get hands-on experience of the...

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Up to 40% more yield:

10 November 2014

Cut costs and increase profits with the latest catering technology, says Marlin Every catering business wants to reduce costs.  When it comes to cooking equipment, the focus tends to be on energy saving.  However, many modern appliances can dramatically increase portions-per-kilo from raw ingredients.  Kitchen design specialist Marlin Catering Solutions says that the latest generation of equipment, combined with a different approach to cooking techniques, offers exciting opportunities to maximise yield. “Chefs and proprietors are increasingly asking us for ways...

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FEM and Sirman put the heat on the sous-vide revolution

16 June 2014

In recent years sous-vide cookery has entered the food service industry’s consciousness after gaining popularity with gourmet chefs. Cooking sous-vide helps retain the flavour, aroma and nutritional value of food while reducing shrinkage and helping to guarantee consistent results. The latest Sirman vacuum packer and water baths, available through Foodservice Equipment Marketing, provide a complete sous-vide package for professional kitchens. The Easyvac Compact Vacuum Packer is a compact, fast machine ideal for sealing small items. Vacuum and sealing time are...

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