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Multifunctional digital timers help deliver food quality and consistency

FEM’s Pro MZR line has a choice of formats to match the brigade’s needs

When the heat is on in the kitchen, timing is everything.  But not every kitchen is the same.  That’s why San Jamar’s latest range of digital timers, the Pro MZR line, offers a choice of formats and functions, to match the most demanding and specific of applications.


Hot stuff in the kitchen: advanced digital thermometers from FEM

Pro MZR range offers choice to suit every application

Being able to easily and quickly check temperatures is a food safety ‘must’ in the modern commercial kitchen.  It’s also essential for food quality and consistency.  Whether monitoring refrigerators or roasts, FEM’s new range of Pro MZR digital thermometers, manufactured by San Jamar, offers a choice of models to suit every application and kitchen operation.

The range includes a pocket model, with a pocket clip and anti-roll design; a pen thermometer with a sheath that doubles as a handle extender; and an advanced digital thermometer, which reads from -45°C to +200°C, is water resistant and includes features such as display hold and minimum and maximum temperature recall.  (more…)

Don’t carry that weight: let the scales do it for you

FEM now offers a comprehensive range of professional scales from San Jamar

Scales play an important role in all foodservice operations. Careful portion control helps to keep costs down, as well as guaranteeing each customer experiences the same high-quality of food, time after time. In order to provide this consistency caterers need to be sure that their scales provide accurate and consistent information.

FEM now supplies the Escali range of digital scales from San Jamar. Combining precision with simple controls and modern design, the Escali range easily covers all uses in a commercial foodservice environment. (more…)

Guard your ice hygiene with the Saf-T-Ice

Radical ice scoop and transport system protect ice from contamination

As the media lights up with unhygienic ice stories again, FEM is offering a solution: the Saf-T-Scoop from San Jamar. Its radical design has a guard that protects the ice from contact with the user’s hand, so that ice is kept as safe and contamination-free as possible.

The Scoop is supplied with the Guardian storage system. This can be easily sited beside the ice machine, and fully encloses the scoop when not in use, ensuring it is not contaminated by contact with, for example, the counter top. When it’s required, staff can quickly grab the scoop’s handle and get to work.

The Guardian has a variety of mounting systems, including brackets and suction pads. (more…)

FEM works hand in glove with chefs when it comes to heat protection

San Jamar EZ-Kleen oven mitt and hot pad from FEM – protection up to 232˚C

San Jamar EZ-Kleen Oven Mitt from FEMWithin commercial kitchens chefs and kitchen staff are exposed to high temperatures that could cause burns or scalding. Having the right equipment to protect staff is a major health and safety concern. Now FEM supplies the EZ-Kleen™ oven mitt and hot pad for heat and steam protection, manufactured by San Jamar, based in the USA.  (more…)

FEM has a hot hand with new sleeve dispenser

New San Jamar Venue Coffee Sleeve Dispenser from FEM

San Jamar Venue Coffee Sleeve Dispenser from FEMCardboard coffee cup sleeves seem simple enough, but they are patented finger-savers – insulating hands from a cup of hot tea or coffee. They reduce the necessity and cost of doubling up the cups or having a more intricate cup design, and can carry advertising, logos or promotions. (more…)

Ice Saf-T

FEM’s new San Jamar Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy and Saf-T-ScoopsThe San Jamar Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy from FEM

Ice is classified as a food, so it is vital that operators follow stringent hygiene procedures when scooping and serving it. One vital component is the scoop.

FEM has launched its new San Jamar Saf-T-Ice Scoop Caddy which provides dedicated and sanitary storage for ice scoops. The Caddy keeps the ice scoop safe from harmful bacteria, dirt and cross contamination, whilst ensuring it is close to hand when required. (more…)

Cleaning up napkin waste by up to 30%

San Jamar Venue In-Counter Napkin Dispenser from FEM

San Jamar Venue In-Counter Napkin DispenserFEM has recently launched San Jamar’s Venue In-Counter Napkin Dispensers. The dispensers feature a patented design which restricts napkin use, so that only one is dispensed at a time – reducing napkin waste by up to 30%. (more…)

Purple reigns in the kitchen

Vibrantly coloured kitchen tools help protect customers with allergies

The San Jamar Allergen chopping board from FEMNew EU allergen labelling regulations came into force at the end of 2014, which means that caterers need to take extra care to protect customers and the reputation of their business. FEM (Foodservice Equipment Marketing) is launching a range of utensils based on the San Jamar Saf-T-Zone system, to help caterers with allergen compliance. (more…)

Small dome, big space

Foodservice Equipment Marketing presents the San Jamar Mini Dome Garnish Centre

The San Jamar Mini Dome Garnish Centre from FEMJust like fine dining, serving quality drinks is as much about appearance as it is taste. From lemons and limes to olives and cucumbers, garnishes are a vital component in modern beverages, crucial to their looks and taste. It’s essential that they remain fresh, vibrant, tasty and free of contamination. (more…)