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Superior Summer Serves

Polycarbonate glasses that don’t skimp on style from Parsley in Time

The Utopia Gatsby polycarbonate wine glass from Parsley in Time 2MBSummer drinks and events can be big business as good weather drives footfall making beer gardens and bars more and more popular. With customers drinking outside safety is important, which is why many establishments opt for serving drinks in plastic glasses. But plastic doesn’t need to compromise on style.

Parsley in Time supplies a range of high quality plastic drinkware that looks and feels as good as its glass counterparts. Manufactured by Utopia, the polycarbonates are available in a whole host of styles, shapes and sizes, from beer tankards to carafes, from shot glasses to delicate looking flutes. (more…)

Calorie counting or just can’t choose?

New Camwear® polycarbonate mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Cambro polycarbonate dessert glass from FEMEquipment Marketing (FEM).

Mini desserts offer a solution for those wanting lighter dessert options, taster portions or a variety of desserts. New Camwear mini dessert glasses from Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM) also cut costs as the polycarbonate glasses are break-resistant and reduce the need for checking for imperfections. (more…)