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Hubbard Systems goes large for Hotelympia 2018

New ranges from Scotsman and Comenda to be launched

Hubbard Systems has signed up to take its biggest ever stand at Hotelympia for the 2018 show. The company will use the exhibition to launch new products from both Scotsman and Comenda.

Full details of the new models are yet to be revealed. However, Scotsman is likely to show the latest developments for its upcoming range of icemaker systems using ‘greener’ technologies. Meanwhile Comenda is developing several new lines, including a smart, chic and ultra-efficient undercounter ware washer.


MXG: the new modular icemaker from Scotsman

The Scotsman MXG468+bin, part of the new range available from Hubbard SystemsHubbard Systems has launched the new Scotsman MXG range of modular machines, the latest to make the famous thimble-shaped Scotsman gourmet Supercube.

The MXG range combines productivity, reliability and ease-of-use, with aesthetic appeal and quieter operation. There are six models in the range, with outputs from 150 to 410kg per day.  All models are designed to fit on a global standard footprint for easy installation. The gourmet Supercube is the obvious selection for the presentation of classic on-the-rocks drinks – it lasts longest, looks the best and chills without diluting.


Ice News: Cleaning Up Saves Energy

Classeq’s service package for Ice-O-Matic ice makers increases machine efficiency

Classeq’s service package for Ice-O-Matic ice makers increases machine efficiency

Now that fresh ice has become a prerequisite for the perfect cocktail, drinks on the rocks, slushies and other soft drinks, most busy bars are looking into purchasing an ice machine, if they do not already own one. But not everyone realises the importance of keeping the ice machine regularly cleaned both from a health and an energy efficiency point of view.

The regular cleaning and servicing of an icemaker will prolong its life and make sure it is operating at peak efficiency.  Some areas in the UK suffer from hard water with a high mineral content which causes a build up of limescale within the icemaker. This can seriously decrease the speed of ice production and increase energy consumption. (more…)