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Christmas Special: Cazuela en Champagne Cocktail from FEM

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Eclipse blender meets festive cocktail demand

In a busy bar, during the Christmas and New Year festivities, it is vital to ensure that blended drinks, such as cocktails and mocktails, are not only delivered quickly, but that they are perfectly mixed.

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial blenders make light work of creating delicious blended drinks at the push of a button. The blenders feature a Wave-Action system which continually forces the mixture down onto the blades to ensure no lumps are left behind.


Pitcher perfect

FEM’s latest Hamilton Beach blender whizzes up 2 litre summer cocktails fast

FEM’s latest Hamilton Beach Commercial blender, the HBH755-UK Eclipse, is perfect for operators looking to keep up with the demand for pitchers of fruity summer cocktails. It’s efficient, programmable and, unlike most blenders, quiet. Plus, it features a 2-litre container making it the perfect solution when the summer cocktail orders are coming in thick and fast.

The HBH755-UK Eclipse keeps the cocktails as smooth as the operation, thanks to Hamilton Beach Commercial’s patented Wave-Action system.  Ordinary blenders spin their contents around the walls of the container, leaving whole chunks untouched by the blades.  The Wave-Action System, with specially designed container and blade, continuously forces the contents down onto the blades for super-creamy results every time. (more…)

Expeditor: the blender that means business

Large capacity 4 litre Hamilton Beach Commercial food blender from FEM

Hamilton Beach Commercial’s powerful food blender, the Expeditor HBF1100S, is now available from FEM. With a 4 litre capacity, the HBF1100S is super-fast and ideal for high-volume blending.

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial HBF1100S blender features a heavy-duty 3.5hp motor, which drives custom-designed stainless steel blades to chop, grind, blend, puree and emulsify large quantities in a fraction of the time. (more…)

Christmas Special: Chocolaty Christmas Cocktail from FEM

FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Fury blender meets festive cocktail demand

fems-hamilton-beach-commercial-blenders-are-perfect-for-making-christmas-chocolate-cocktailsWhen Christmas and New Year’s parties are in full swing it’s essential that busy bars are able to quickly make and serve high-quality drinks. Cocktail blenders need to be fast and reliable, especially at these busy times, when the orders are coming thick and fast over the bar. FEM’s Hamilton Beach Commercial Fury drinks blender is the ideal solution to meet the Christmas rush.

FEM’s Fury blender features Hamilton Beach’s Wave~Action™ System  which uses the specially designed container and blades to continuously force the contents down onto the blades for smooth, thoroughly-blended, consistent results, time after time. This makes the Fury the perfect solution for blending up a refreshingly indulgent ‘Chocolate Elephant’ cocktail, alongside a host of other festive tipples. (more…)

Hey Big Blender! Spend little time on prep.

FEM launches new 4 litre Hamilton Beach Commercial Food blender

FEM's new 4 litre Hamilton Beach Commercial Food blender HBF1100SFEM’s new Hamilton Beach Commercial food blender, the HBF1100S, is super-fast to save food prep time with powerful, high-volume blending.

The HBF1100S features a powerful 3.5 Hp motor which drives a custom-designed blade, making light-work of chopping, grinding, blending, pureeing and emulsifying large quantities. It is supplied with a large, four litre container. (more…)

Freshly squeezed

FEM launches new Proctor Silex by Hamilton Beach Commercial 66900-UK electric citrus juicer.

FEM's Proctor Silex by Hamilton BeachFEM is launching the new Proctor Silex 66900-UK electric citrus juicer by Hamilton Beach Commercial which provides freshly squeezed juice in seconds.

An easy way for cafes and snack bars to encourage healthy eating and meet the demand from the health market is to offer pure, freshly squeezed fruit juice. As well as being a premium product and versatile for use in mixed drinks, freshly prepared juice is a particularly good source of vitamins and minerals. (more…)

Win a Hamilton Beach high performance blender worth over £500!

FEM launches competition to help keep summer drinks flowing

Hamiton Beach Fury Blender from FEM HBH550To keep up with the summer demand for high quality blended drinks and cocktails, bartenders need reliable blenders that ensure every little bit is thoroughly mixed. FEM’s Hamilton Beach Fury drinks blender perfectly blends cocktails and smoothies, ensuring there are no unwanted chunks of ice or fruit. Now FEM is giving bartenders the chance to win a Fury Blender.

Standard blenders spin their contents around the walls of the container, which can leave whole chunks untouched by the blades. Hamilton Beach’s Wave~Action™ System uses the specially designed container and blades to continuously force the contents down onto the blades for smooth and consistent results. (more…)

Nice Rice, Baby

New Hamilton Beach rice cooker makes perfect rice every time

FEM supplies the Proctor Silex Rice Cooker from Hamilton BeachCooking rice can be difficult to get right. It requires precise timing and temperature control, or the end result is a sticky mess.

Proctor-Silex commercial rice cookers by Hamilton Beach, distributed in the UK by Foodservice Equipment Marketing (FEM), offer an affordable method of producing perfect rice time after time, and storing it in optimum conditions until required. (more…)

Great mix in a small package

FEM launches powerful new food blender in a small footprint

The Hamilton Beach HBF500-CE Blender from FEMFood blenders are one of the key pieces of equipment in any commercial kitchen, providing a variety of essential operations in one package. Whether blending, chopping, grinding, emulsifying or making a purée, the compact Hamilton Beach HBF500 is a slimmed down version of larger models that remains versatile enough to meet the standards of the most demanding chef, as well as being able to keep up with the busiest kitchen.


Smoothies made smoothly

Ideal for chains, the New Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender from FEM is efficient, programmable, and, unlike most blenders, quiet.

New Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender from FEMCoffee houses and cafes are more popular than they’ve ever been, not just for their espressos, but their smoothies and iced drinks too. A recent study by Zagat Staff indicates that noise irritates diners more than anything else, and conventional blenders, with their loud motors and blades working overtime to crush fruit and ice quickly, exacerbate this. (more…)